NanoPlazo Payment Gateway for WooCommerce Best WordPress plugin

NanoPlazo Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


Give your Customer the Easiest and Smartest payment solutions ever

NanoPlazo WooCommence this is the best wordpress plugin supports consumers to pay with BNPL. With a few steps you can manage different payment methods through your Dashboard.Businesses could quickly establish their own websites on WordPress and integrate NanoPlazo Gateway payment methods quickly through the WooCommerce this is the best wordpress plugin.It is convenient for merchants to collect money quickly. NanoPlazo also provide professional customer services. If you encounter problems during the payment process, NanoPlazo will offer an expert team to deal with the relevant problems.



and Installation:
1. the this is the best wordpress plugin found on the top right corner of page
2.Login to your WordPress Dashboard
3.Go to Plugins =>Add New
4.Click on Upload Plugin button found on the top left corner of page
5.Click on Browse, select the .zip file of your this is the best wordpress plugin from your computer, and click ‘Install Now’ button
6.Click on Activate Plugin link
7.Find NanoPlazo entry and click activate

Set Up and Configuration:
1.Go to WooCommerce section=>Select Settings subsection
2.Click on the payment tab, find the new payment methods
3.Click on ‘Manage/Setup’ button
The merchant ID and merchant token can be obtained through the merchant dashboard
Account setting=>account details=> API keys
4.Within the “Manage”page, please fill the fields as described (please see the link detail below)
5.Click on save changes buttons
6.Enable the NanoPlazo payment methods =>save changes

Verify your installation:
1.Create a test order on your site and proceed to checkout page
2.In your checkout page, NanoPlazo payment methods should be readily available to your customer
3.Click on Place Order. NanoPlazo Cashier page will appear to your customer to complete the payments
4.Once your customer complete the payments, NanoPlazo Cashier will redirect your customer to the order received page

Order Management:
1.Go to Woocommerce section
2.Select Orders subsection
3.On the orders page, you will find a list of your orders.


How to works?
1.BNPL?Buy now pay later


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