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User Submitted Posts


The #1 Plugin for User-Generated Content!

Enable visitors to submit posts from the frontend of your site.

User Submitted Posts (USP) adds a frontend form via template tag or shortcode that enables your visitors to submit posts and upload images. Just add the following shortcode to any Post, Page, or Widget:


That’s all there is to it! Your site now can accept user generated content. Everything is super easy to customize via Plugin Settings page.

The post-submission form includes the following fields:

Post Title
Post Tags
Post Category
Post Content
Custom Field
Challenge Question
Google reCAPTCHA
Post Images

Each of these fields may be set as required, optional, or disabled. You can set the Post Status of submitted posts as “Pending”, “Draft”, “Publish Immediately”, or publish after a specific number of approved posts.

USP enables users to upload any number of images when submitting a post. You can customize the min/max width, height, and number of submitted images.

USP also includes a Login/Register Form, and three shortcodes to control access and restrict content.

User Submitted Posts is the first and best plugin for front-end content!

Core Features

Includes a fast & secure post-submission form
Includes a simple login/register/password form
Display forms anywhere via shortcode or template tag
Includes shortcode to display a list of submitted posts
Includes shortcodes to control access and restrict content
Includes template tags to display submitted post content
Includes configurable Custom Field for the post-submit form
You choose which fields to display on the post-submit form
Automatically display all submitted content on the frontend
Display post-submit & login forms via Text or HTML widgets
Receive email notification alerts for submitted posts

Boost your site value with user-generated content!

Form Features

Built-in Google reCAPTCHA ?
Built-in client-side form validation with Parsley
Stops spam via input validation, captcha, and hidden field
Use either Challenge Question, Google reCAPTCHA, or both!
Option to set submitted images as WP Featured Images
Option to require users to be logged in to use the form
Option to use WP’s Rich Text Editor (RTE) for post content
Redirect user to any URL or current page after submission
Use the default HTML5 form or customize your own form
Use the default form styles or add your own custom CSS
Form fields may be set as optional or required
Many action & filter hooks for advanced customization

USP is simple to use and built with clean, secure code via the WP API!

More Features

Translated into 20+ languages
Automatically detects logged-in users
Regularly updated to stay current with WordPress
Multiple emails supported in email alerts
Option to set a default post category
Option to disable loading of form JavaScript & CSS
Option to specify URL for targeted resource loading
Option to disable tracking of IP addresses
Option to specify custom email alert subject
Option to specify custom email alert message
Option to submit posts as WP Posts or Pages
Choose which categories users are allowed to select
Assign submitted posts to any registered user
Customizable success, error, and upload messages

USP provides many options to help you create the perfect form!

Image Uploads

Optionally enable visitors to upload any number of images
Specify minimum & maximum allowed images for each post
Specify minimum & maximum width & height for images
Automatically set submitted images as Featured Images
Automatically display submitted images on the frontend
Includes template tags to display submitted images
Includes shortcodes to display submitted images

Post Management

Custom Fields saved w/ each post: name, IP, URL, and image URLs
Set posts to any status: Draft, Pending, Publish, or Moderate
One-click filtering of submitted posts on the Admin Posts page

Plus much more! Too many features to list them all!


User Submitted Posts supports translation into any language. Current translations include:

Russian             - usp-ru_RU
Irish               - usp-ga
Turkish             - usp-tr_TR
Swedish             - usp-sv_SE
Persian             - usp-fa_IR
French (France)     - usp-fr_FR
Bengali             - usp-bn_BD
German              - usp-de_DE
Portuguese (Brazil) - usp-pt_BR
Spanish (Spain)     - usp-es_ES
Norwegian           - usp-no
Greek               - usp-el
Chinese (China)     - usp-zh_CN
Slovenian           - usp-sl_SI
Arabic              - usp-ar
Czech               - usp-cs_CZ
Serbian             - usp-sr_RS
Hindi               - usp-hi_IN
Punjabi             - usp-pa_IN
Dutch               - usp-nl_NL
Romanian            - usp-ro_RO
Japanese            - usp-ja
Polish              - usp-pl_PL
Korean              - usp-ko_KR
Italian             - usp-it_IT
Hebrew              - usp-he_IL
Urdu                - usp-ur

Need a translation into your language? Let me know!


User Data: User Submitted Posts (USP) enables users to submit post content. It collects data only from users who voluntarily submit content via the USP form. The only involuntary data that is collected is the IP address of the person submitting the form. The plugin provides an option to disable IP collection completely.

Cookies: This plugin uses simple cookies to enable dynamic form functionality. No cookies are used for any other purpose.

Services: This plugin provides an option to enable Google reCaptcha, which is provided by Google as a third-party service. For details on privacy and more, please refer to official documentation for Google reCaptcha. No other outside services or locations are accessed/used by this plugin.

Works perfectly with or without Gutenberg Block Editor

Pro Version

USP Pro now available at Plugin Planet!

Pro version includes many, many more features and settings, with unlimited custom forms, infinite custom fields, multimedia file uploads, and much more. Check it out »

Support development of this plugin

I develop and maintain this free plugin with love for the WordPress community. To show support, you can make a donation or purchase one of my books:

The Tao of WordPress
Digging into WordPress
.htaccess made easy
WordPress Themes In Depth

And/or purchase one of my premium WordPress plugins:

BBQ Pro – Super fast WordPress firewall
Blackhole Pro – Automatically block bad bots
Banhammer Pro – Monitor traffic and ban the bad guys
GA Google Analytics Pro – Connect your WordPress to Google Analytics
USP Pro – Unlimited front-end forms

Links, tweets and likes also appreciated. Thanks! ?


USP Settings Screen (panels toggled closed)
USP Plugin Settings, showing default options (panels toggle open/closed)
USP Form (with all fields enabled)
USP Form (with just a few fields enabled)
Example showing how to display the form on a Page (using a shortcode)



Upload the plugin to your blog and activate
Configure your options via the plugin settings
Display the form via shortcode or template tag

More info on installing WP plugins


To display the form on any WP Post, Page, or widget, add the shortcode:


Or, to display the form anywhere in your theme, add the template tag:

<?php if (function_exists('user_submitted_posts')) user_submitted_posts(); ?>

Customizing the form

There are three main ways of customizing the form:

Plugin settings, you can show/hide fields, configure options, etc.
Custom form template (see “Custom Submission Form” for more info)

Looked for such functional for my project, and find! Thanks guys, that even more that i actually need

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