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Real-Time Find and Replace


This plugin allows you to dynamically (i.e. at the time when a page is generated) replace code and text from themes and other plugins with code and text of your choosing before a page is delivered to a user’s browser.

Because the find and replace happens in real-time no changes are needed to plugins or themes which means upgrades remain easy!

A pro version (less than $10) with additional filtering options, setting export/import functionality, and the ability to modify admin pages is available.

Here are some common uses:

Want to selectively translate text that is being output by another plugin? You can do that.
Trying to tweak the text on a product or shopping cart page? No problem.
Hoping to remove footer text from a theme without modifying the theme? That’s easy.

Here are some more examples.

And some tips for those interested in on-page SEO.

Remember, all of the above can be done WITHOUT modifying themes or plugin files so you’ll always be able to upgrade them without having to worry about losing custom edits.


Interface for specifying the find and replace rules you’d like to use. Some elements are enabled in the pro version.


Upload the real-time-find-and-replace folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
The find and replace rules are in the Tools sidebar menu.
Click on the Add link on the Find and Replace admin page to add as many rules as you want.


Where is data stored?

In an array in the wp_options table. Just one record regardless of the number of find and replace rules.

Will the find and replace slow my site?

Unless you’re using 50+ rules, you shouldn’t notice any performance impact. And if you’re using a caching plugin, even more rules won’t slow your site.

What does the regex checkbox do?

You can do a straight up find and replace where the plugin will look for an exact match of what you specified. You can also used advanced pattern matching that is available through regular expressions by checking the regex checkbox.

My web site is showing a blank page. What do I do?

This will happen if you are using a rule with regex enabled and the rule has an error. Regex is tricky so I recommend starting with a simple rule and adding to it to perform the replace you want.

I like this plugin, do you have others?

I sure do! My complete collection includes:

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