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Awesome Weather Widget


Pro Version available. Weather icons, AJAX loading, 5 New Layouts, Ability to make Custom Templates, User Location Detection.

This plugin allows you to easily add super clean (and awesome) weather widgets to your site.

Weather by OpenWeatherMap

The weather data is generated by OpenWeatherMap. They require a free API Key to access the data. Once you have the API Key, you can save it in the WordPress admin under 'Settings' -> 'Awesome Weather'

Help Guides

There are lots of juicy Help Guides on my website. These will answer most of the questions you have. Some popular ones include:

Adding a Widget
Shotcode Attributes
Available Filters
Cache Settings
API Key Settings

About the Developer

The development of this plugin was done by Hal Gatewood mostly when I should be sleeping. I have a full time job that is not building WordPress plugins, so please remember that we you submit your support tickets. I also do not work for OpenWeatherMap and have no control over the quality of the weather data returned from them. Sorry.


Use the built in widget with all of its marvelous settings or add it to a page or theme with the shortcode:
[awesome-weather owm_city_id=”4544349″] or [awesome-weather location="Oklahoma City"]

Settings Overview

Location: Enter a string like “Montreal”. You can even get your City ID from OpenWeatherMap and use that.
Units: F (default) or C
Size: wide (default) or tall
Override Title: Change the title in the header bar to whatever, sometimes it pulls weather from a close city
Forecast Days: How many days to show in the forecast bar
Hide stats: Hide the text stats like humidity, wind, high and lows, etc
Background: URL to an image that will be used as the background of the entire widget
Custom Background Color: Add a hex color to override the default colors
Inline Styles: Add inline CSS styles to your widget
Background Image Based on Weather: Use different images for different weather types Help Guide
Text Color: Change the text color of the widget without CSS
Locale: New locale attribute for shortcodes allows you to change the weather description text without having to change your whole WordPress installation.


Portuguese – alvarogois
German – Anne Bremer
Polish – Femcio
Dutch – Marco Rooze
Swedish – AJ
French – Gilles D.
Italian – Cesare C.
Russian – Alex
Spanish – Joaquín B.
Greek – John T.
Finnish – Mikko A.
Hungarian – Istvan H.
Arabic – Fouad Y.
Croatian – Vinko P.
Nederlands – Schoene H.
Turkish – Saban K.


Basic wide layout
Basic tall layout
Micro, using the checkbox ‘Hide Stats’
Widget Settings
Background Image Option (1.2)
Add inline styles to your widget and set custom background colors (1.3.1)
Use different background images based on weather (1.5)
Search for the City ID directly in the widget settings (1.5)


Add plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Register for an OpenWeatherMap API Key
Add your API Key to the settings field in ‘Settings’ -> ‘Awesome Weather’ (added in version 1.5.3)
Use shortcode or widget to display awesome weather on your awesome site

The easiest shortcode setting is just: [awesome-weather location="Oklahoma City"]


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