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Wicked Block Conditions


Wicked Block Conditions adds a “Display Conditions” panel to the block editor (i.e. Gutenberg) that lets you show or hide any block based on conditions.

Show or hide blocks based on:

User login status
User role
Date and time
Post categories or tags
Post status
The result of a custom PHP function


Show or hide any block using conditions
Specify an unlimited number of conditions
Combine conditions with “and” or “or” operators
Group conditions to create complex display rules


Please see the FAQ section below for common questions. Visit the support forum if you have a question or need help.

About Wicked Plugins

Wicked Plugins specializes in crafting high-quality, reliable plugins that extend WordPress in powerful ways while being simple and intuitive to use. We’re full-time developers who know WordPress inside and out and our customer happiness engineers offer friendly support for all our products. Visit our website to learn more about us.


When a block is selected a ‘Display Conditions’ panel will appear in the right sidebar
Conditions that can be selected
Example showing the ‘User Has Role’ condition being added as a display condition
The ‘Display Conditions’ panel for a block with one condition added


Upload ‘wicked-block-conditions’ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen by searching for ‘Wicked Block Conditions’.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
Edit a post or page using the block editor and select a block. You should see a ‘Display Conditions’ panel.


I installed the plugin, now what?

Edit a post or page and select the block that you’d like to show or hide based on conditions. In the right sidebar of the editor, you should see a panel labeled ‘Display Conditions’. Click the panel to expand it and click the “Add Condition” link to add your first condition.

How do I edit a condition?

Click the cog icon to the right of the condition’s label.

How do I delete a condition?

Click the cog icon to the right of the condition’s label to edit the condition and then click the ‘Delete’ button.

How do I show a block when the current date is between two dates?

This can be accomplished by using two ‘Check The Date’ conditions. Click ‘Add Condition’ and choose the ‘Check The Date’ condition. Choose the ‘After’ option and select the date that you’d like to start showing the block (i.e. the start date). Save the condition and add another ‘Check The Date’ condition but this time choose the ‘Before’ option and select the date that you’d like to stop showing the block (i.e. the end date).

I set up a block to display after a certain date but it’s not working. What’s wrong?

Be sure that the correct timezone is selected on the Settings > General page in WordPress and that the date and time you specified for your condition is for that timezone.

What does the ‘Negate condition’ option do?

Every condition returns true or false based on whether or not the condition was met. Negating a condition reverses the outcome so that a condition that would normally return true will return false and, a condition that would normally return false returns true instead.

Will my block conditions get deleted if I deactivate or uninstall the plugin?

No, the conditions are not deleted and will still be there if you re-activate the plugin later.


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