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reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced


A free, fast and easy to use regenerate thumbnails plugin supported by ShortPixel ?

reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced (RTA) plugin comes in handy when you install a new WordPress theme on your site that has different image sizes. While the newly uploaded images will be cropped and resized to fit your new theme, the old thumbnails will remain unchanged. Using RTA you can regenerate the thumbnails for all your existing images.

Check out our new version of reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced with new features including removal of unused thumbnails and metadata entries


Unused thumbs of existing images are removed automatically so you won’t waste disk space.
Date selection (last day, week, month, all) for the thumbs that will be regenerated.
Clean and simple interface where you have a progress bar showing you the percentage of images regenerated.
You get to see the total number of images affected by your period, as well as the images affected so far when processing


The plugin page where it all happens
View of the dropdown options


Nothing special about the installation process, just visit “Plugins” section in your /wp-admin, search for “regenerate thumbnails advanced”, install & activate the plugin and then from Settings section you can start using it.


Can I regenerate just a few images

You have the option to select from: all, past day, past week, past month

What happens if I close the page and the script is loading?

The script stops, it does not run in the background


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