Easy Filterable Gallery – WordPress plugin Free download

Easy Filterable Gallery


Plugin allows to create a cool gallery filtered by category. Free, easy and responsive.


Filterable Gallery Screenshot


Install plugin and activate it. Create your galleries and include shortcode [efgallery] in your post, page or theme.
For more details go to FAQ section.


How can I use this plugin?

In admin menu find a Gallery section and Add new gallery.
Set the title, add a featured image, add a category and publish post.
To see a gallery you have to include shortcode [efgallery] in your post, page or theme.
After cliking on picture you will be redirected to a single gallery post (like regular post).

Can I see a demo version?

Yes, go to: https://seowp.pl/plugins/easy-filterable-gallery/demo

Why do I need this plugin?

Because it’s cool and easy.

Can I suggest an feature for the plugin?

Of course, please contact me at Easy Filterable Gallery page

Is this code on GitHub?

Yes, go to: https://github.com/kania0507/easy-filterable-gallery

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