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Advanced Gutenberg


Advanced Gutenberg adds the missing blocks and configuration you need to build professional websites. Take the control of the new Gutenberg editor with user edition profile configuration and 20+ new blocks and options.


Create edition profiles and assign user or user group to the profile
Select each block activation per user profile
Default block configuration (Advanced Gutenberg blocks)
Define Advanced Gutenberg icons block color
Custom CSS styles: create and apply on paragraph blocks
Define Gutenberg editor size(admin edition)


Latest post slider and latest post slider
Latest WooCommerce product slider and latest product slider
Advanced Button block: create button with tons of styles
Contact form block: get user messages and export messages
Advanced List block: create list with list icon, icon color
Map block: load a Google map position with zoom, icon, tooltip, color…
Advanced Table block: create tables with style like color, border
Accordion block: display content in a fully configurable accordion
Tabs block: display content in a fully tabbed UX
Testimonial block: define avatar, title, text, colors, slider
Contact Form block: get email and export contact form data
Email Opt-In block: get email and export data
Counter block: display numbers in a dynamic, fun and engaging way
Advanced Image block: hover text, overlay, colors, link and more
Advanced Image block: load and display local and remote video
Advanced Video block: load and display local and remote video
Supercharge the separator tool with size, color, spaces
Social links block: custom icon and links to any social networks
Activate lightbox effect in Gutenberg image galleries
Display image information as lightbox caption in galleries
Gutenberg post summary based on content headers


Read the plugin presentation on our website


Yes we do plugins and we’ve got some popular ones 🙂

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Before leaving a review >> Feel free to ask questions here in the support section, we reply to every question!
We also have a forum on for feature requests.


PHP 5.6+, 7, 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3 recommended for better performance, WordPress 5.0+


Amazing blocks with new ones each month!
Profiles attribution with block selection
Testimonial and counter blocks
Build fully custom accordions and tabs from Gutenberg
Advanced Video block including remote video (YouTube…) and local video (.mp4…)
Advanced table manager: manage tables in Gutenberg with several styling options
Google Maps Gutenberg Block
Latest posts and WooCommerce products blocks


To install the plugin automatically:

Require Gutenberg plugin to be installed first
Through WordPress admin, use the menu: Plugin > Add new
Search for Advanced Gutenberg
Click on install then click activate link

To install the plugin manually:

Require Gutenberg plugin to be installed first
Click to Download and unzip the plugin
Upload the /advanced-gutenberg directory to /wp-content/plugins/
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Use the left menus: Gutenberg > Profiles AND Settings > Advanced Gutenberg


I don’t see the new buttons or new tools in Advanced Gutenberg

Make sure the plugin is activated 🙂
All right, that could be because the new blocks are not activated to your account, please reach the menu Adv. Gutenberg > Profiles > Setup the blocks to activate
Advanced Gutenberg is pretty well integrated with native Gutenberg, some blocks are new some other are original Gutenberg blocks but supercharged by new features
You can define a custom color for the new blocks, by default it’s a kind of purple color

Can I get support for the editor use?

We reply to every question about the editor on the forum here, just ask 🙂 We also have an online documentation here:

Does Advanced Gutenberg slowing down my website?

The plugin has almost NO impact on page load for your visitors, it’s only loaded during the edition process.

What is the Gutenberg version required to run Advanced Gutenberg plugin properly?

The latest one, always! We’re testing it with previous versions but the latest version of Gutenberg brings new features for developer and allow better content edition.

Is Advanced Gutenberg free?

Yes, totally free of charge.

Where can I see Advanced Gutenberg in my WordPress admin panel?

In different places: in Gutenberg itself by adding some options to existing blocks, by adding new blocks, as new menu named Adv. Gutenberg

Can I setup an edition profile per user?

Yes, this is possible, from the Gutenberg profile management, select some blocks, then you can give the profile to a single user or a user role

Can I translate Advanced Gutenberg plugin?

Yes, and that’s really easy! JU Translation is a translation tool included in all our WordPress plugins: get, share and manage your extensions translations from a visual and easy to use interface! You’ll find it in the Advanced Gutenberg settings menu

Does the Advanced Gutenberg custom styles works with the Gutenberg CSS block class?

Both are loaded from a separated stylesheet file and offer 2 ways to style your blocks. The Gutenberg default CSS class apply a CSS class on a single block then you can create your CSS on an external file.
The Advanced Gutenberg Custom CSS can be created from the plugin configuration and applied from a dropdown list to any block.


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