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WooCommerce Germanized extends WooCommerce to technically match specific german legal conditions. The objective of this plugin is to adapt WooCommerce to the special requirements of german market.
Users of WooCommerce Germanized Pro benefit from additional features such as PDF invoices, model text generators for terms and revocation pages, premium support and more!

Legal certainty for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Germanized extends WooCommerce with typical german shop functionality: Delivery times, base prices, shipping costs and tax notices, option to attach legally relevant pages (e.g. terms, revocation page, privacy policy etc.) – even in emails, small business regulation notices and many more.
Furthermore we customized the WooCommerce checkout to make your store meet the button solution. See a list of our features for further details:

Delivery Times – Add and edit delivery times for WooCommerce products. Optionally set a default delivery time as fallback. Disable delivery times for certain product types.
Small Business Regulation – Show special tax notices if you are a operating a WooCommerce shop as a small business.
Shipping Costs and Tax notices – Display notices beneath your WooCommerce product prices and within cart/checkout/e-mails.
Base Prices – Display additional per unit prices for your products. Let unit prices be calculated automatically (Pro).
Short Cart Product Descriptions – Display a special product description within your WooCommerce cart/checkout.
Terms, Revocation, Privacy Policy – Display checkboxes within your checkout to make sure customers agree to your conditions.
Legal Checkboxes UI – Adjust your legal WooCommerce checkboxes (e.g. terms & conditions) through a fluent user interface.
Button Solution – We adjust your checkout and submit button to comply with german button solution.
Double opt-in (DOI) for Customers – Make sure customers opted in while registering within your shop. Optionally disable checkout until the customer opted in.
Tax Calculation for Shipping Costs and Fees – Enable split tax calculation based on your WooCommerce cart taxes.
Legal pages in Email Templates – Attach legal pages content to certain WooCommerce e-mail templates.
Trusted Shops Integration – Integrate your Trusted Shops Products within your WooCommerce store
eKomi Integration – Integrate your eKomi Products within your store.
Payment Gateway: SEPA direct debit – Receive payments via direct debit. We’ve added a XML export to transfer payments to your bank.
Payment Gateway: Pay by Invoice – Allow certain customers to pay by invoice. Best integration with our PDF invoices feature (Pro).
Online Revocation Form – Allow customers to submit revocations by filling out a form on your revocation page.
Sale Price Labels – Prepend your WooCommerce sale prices by certain tags e.g. old price and new price.
Delivery to DHL Parcel Shops or Pick-Up Stations – Allow customers to choose a DHL pick-up-station within your WooCommerce checkout.
Differential Taxation – Insert special notices for products which a differential taxed.
WPML and PolyLang Support – WooCommerce Germanized adds compatibility for WPML and PolyLang.
REST API Support – Data added by WooCommerce Germanized is adjustable via the WooCommerce REST API (v2)
Product CSV Import/Export – We’ve extended the WooCommerce product CSV import and export to support our custom fields (e.g. unit price, delivery time etc.)
GDPR export/delete – We do support the export/delete features of WordPress 4.6 and WooCommerce 3.4 and added new checkboxes to checkout and register form.
PDF Invoices & Packing Slips (Pro) – Easily create PDF invoices, packing slips and cancellations via your WooCommerce order screen. Optionally generate PDFs automatically based on a certain order status.
Legal PDF attachments (Pro) – Attach PDFs to certain email templates instead of plain text. Optionally let WooCommerce Germanized generate your PDFs automatically by parsing your page content.
Delayed conclusion of contract (Pro)
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