Image Hover Effects Block for Gutenberg – WordPress plugin Free download

Image Hover Effects Block for Gutenberg


You can add 40+ Image hover effects with title and descriptions in a simple way using this wordpress plugin image hover effects block for gutenberg.


Easy to customize options.
40+ Image Hover Effects.
Circle and Square border both comes with all effects.
Center the text horizontally.
Control the spaces between elements.

with this wordpress block plugin, you can show your title and description with various entry animations.

Image Hover Effects List – Effects

Slide Up
Slide Down
Slide Left
Slide Right
Reveal Up
Reveal Down
Reveal Left
Reveal Right
Push Up
Push Down
Push Left
Push Right
Hinge Up
Hinge Down
Hinge Left
Hinge Right
Flip Horizontal
Flip Vertical
Flip Dialog 1
Flip Dialog 2
Shutter Out Horizontal
Shutter Out Vertical
Shutter Out Dialog 1
Shutter Out Dialog 2
Shutter In Horizontal
Shutter In Vertical
Shutter In Out Horizontal
Shutter In Out Vertical
Shutter In Out Dialog 1
Shutter In Out Dialog 2
Fold Up
Fold Down
Fold Left
Fold Right
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Zoom Out Up
Zoom Out Down
Zoom Out Left
Zoom Out Right
Zoom Out Flip Vertical
Zoom Out Flip Horizontal


This plugin provides 1 block.



Upload the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ and activate it (alternatively, install through the WP admin console)
Make Sure you have latest version of WordPress(or minimum 5.0), if not you can activate Gutenberg Plugin
Go to Add New/Edit any page/post
Click plus(+) icon and insert Image Hover Effects block
Customize the options, add the content, publish/update
Hurray! in a minute you have added the Image Hover Section

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