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ETD Dynamic Shortcodes


Do you have small pieces of information that appear across your website, but need to be periodically updated? Use this plugin to create your own text-replacement shortcodes to keep small bits of content up to date.

Example: Perhaps your run a Real Estate website and display current interest rates in various places on your website. Create a [currentrate] shortcode and use it wherever you reference the interest rate. Then whenever the rate changes, update it in one place and it\’s updated everywhere.


Editor screen for creating a shortcode


Case Conversion
Pass a case argument to your shortcode to change the letter case of the output. For example, [foo case=upper] will output the value of your shortcode in uppercase. Valid cases are upper, lower, first, and words.

Output of the shortcodes is filtered through the dynamic_shortcode_$tag filter. (eg, dynamic_shortcode_foo).

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