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Contact Form Builder – a plugin for creating contact and feedback forms


Create responsive FREE contact forms with multiple templates and themes.

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WordPress Contact Form Builder
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Contact Form Builder is the best tool for quickly arranging a form for your clients and visitors. The form includes all of the form field types necessary to create a complete contact form, where is those can be activated and deactivated, as well as rearranged.
The responsiveness of the product allows you to become available for contacting using various gadgets.

Using the CSS files of the themes you can achieve the best design of the form, applying changes in colors, dimensions and other features.
Captch and ReCaptcha word verifications help to avoid spam. For the specific IPs it is also possible to use blocking IPs feature.

The form has an integrating Google Maps feature allowing you to display the location of your office using Google Maps.
Each form comes with a shortcode displayed in Manager Section for easier copying/pasting it in the post or page, where you want to display.
After submitting the form, the users might get a custom text and even receive an email copy of the submissions.


If you found a bug in the plugin or have any problem or question concerning Contact Form Builder, do not hesitate to contact us at


10 default form templates included.
Possibility of creating new forms based on the default templates.
Possibility of changing the labels, content and options for each form.
Support for additional attributes for each fields.
Possibility to change the form layout.
Blocking IPs and word verification possibilities.
No possibility of adding new form fields, possibility to edit and enable/disable the large number of existing fields.
Detailed Email Options both for the Administrator and User for receiving the submitted data.
Emailing option to the administrator upon submitting a form.
Possibility of sending the copy of the submitted data to the user.
Google ReCaptcha and simple captcha support for avoiding spam.
Support for displaying custom text after hitting submit button, as well as redirection to a custom page or url.
Google Maps integration.

Upgrade to Pro version to add features:

37 themes based on various color schemes.
Submissions section.
Possibility of exporting the data both in CSV and XML formats.
Statistical data for the multi-option form fields


Contact Form Builder – Contact Form 1
Contact Form Builder – Contact Form 2
Contact Form Builder – Manage Form
Contact Form Builder – Email Option


After downloading the ZIP file,

Log in to the administrator panel.
Go to Plugins Add > New > Upload.
Click “Choose file” (“Browse”) and select the downloaded zip file.
For Mac Users
Go to your Click to Downloads folder and locate the folder with the plugin. Right-click on the folder and select Compress. Now you have a newly created .zip file which can be installed as described here.
Click “Install Now” button.
Click “Activate Plugin” button for activating the plugin.
If the installation does not succeed, please contact us at


Can I add more fields to Contact Form Builder?

There is no possibility of adding additional fields, but instead there is an option of activating/deactivating fields or modifying the available fields.
thanks a lot for free use in this configuration. It works and good for individual Forms.

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