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Click to Chat for WhatsApp Chat


Let’s make your Web page visitors Contact you through WhatsApp chat with a single Click ( WhatsApp Chat Plugin WordPress )

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Premium plugin

We Build a Complete new Premium WordPress plugin for WhatsApp, With more feature, new styles
Some of the Features on Premium plugin

* WhatsApp Chat, Group Invite, Share
* Custom Styles, Add Image / GIF
* Predefined Styles
* WooCommerce
* Prefilled text
* Placeholders – Title, URL, WooCommerce Product name
* Holidays – Hide Styles on Selected Days in a week
* Working Hours – Hide Styles on Selected Time Ranage in a Day
* Hide Styles based on Device Type ( Mobile, Desktop )
* Select Styles based on Device ( Mobile, Desktop )
* Analytics ( Google Analytics, FB Analytics, FB Pixel )
* Show Floating Style after selected Time Delay
* Show Floating Style after user scroll down selected pixel
* Animations
* Light Weight – High performance

HoliThemes Click – Premium WordPress plugin for WhatsApp

Nine Styles + own Image

Style-1: Input field, where user can enter text and click send to navigate to WhatsApp page with text
Style-2: Plain text with a link to WhatsApp
Style-3: WhatsApp logo
Style-4: combination of WhatsApp logo and a text message – Chip style
Style-5: plain WhatsApp icon – can customize color, height
Style-6: Icon with Circle border
Style-7: Icon with box border
Style-8: Button with text, icon
Style-9: WhatsApp logo – green square
Style – 99: Own Image / GIF – URL


WhatsApp Chat
WhatsApp Group Chat
Nine pre-configured Styles
Add Own Image or GIF
Floating style can position at any place on screen
( At any pixel of the screen, not limited to fixed positions )
Hide Styles based on Post type, Post ID, Categories, Device Type
Pre-filled Message ( Includes Placeholder to add Web page URL )
Customize the shortcode name
Shortcodes – with inline content, floating style, Widget Area
Shortcode supports WhatsApp Chat or WhatsApp Group Chat
Google Analytics – with custom event values
Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager
Facebook Analytics – with custom event name, custom parameter name and value

Google Analytics

Facebook Analytics

or using Google Tag Manager

When user clicks an item:

If website loads on a Mobile device and if WhatsApp is installed on that device, it will directly navigate to WhatsApp App.

If website loads in web browsers it will navigate to WhatsApp Webpage

Initial / Pre-filled Message

To add Web page URL in Pre-filled message add {{url}} placeholder – pre-filled message


Add styles within line of the post content

this plugin make our team easy to chat with customer.. thanks

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