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10Web Instagram Feed – Instagram Gallery


10Web Instagram Feed is the leading plugin for easily presenting a customizable Instagram feed on your website.

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Premium Instagram Feed by 10Web

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Having a hard time finding the perfect Instagram plugin to showcase your feed?

Is it difficult for you to match your website’s design with the default Instagram look?

Looking for an alternative to embedding Instagram posts one by one?

Instagram Feed Features

Present Content
Present images from hashtags or your Instagram accounts.

Mixed Feeds*
Merge Instagram accounts with chosen hashtags.

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive
Your feeds will look excellent on all types of devices: desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Any Number of Feeds
Display however many Instagram feeds on one page.

Customizable Layouts
Pick one of the four layouts: Thumbnails, Masonry*, Blog Style*, and Image Browser.

Functional Lightbox
Use transition effects*, show captions and comments*.

Customizable Themes*
Choose one of our predefined themes or create a new one.

In-Depth Metadata*
Show profile information, captions, comments, and likes.

Infinite Scroll & Pagination
Choose the number of displayed images per page or set an infinite scroll.

Instagram Feed Widget
Display Instagram feeds on your website’s sidebars.

Click to Downloads and Shares*
Your users can download images from the lightbox and share them on social media.

Publish Easily
Embed feeds into posts or pages in just a click.

* Premium version only

World Class Customer Support

Low response time
We always respond within a few hours.
Quick issue resolution
Resolving an issue never takes more than 24 hours.


Fantastic, outstanding plugin that did exactly what I wanted it to do – show my Instagram feed on my site,
increasing traffic flow and improving Google ranking.
So easy to install! Perfect!
by @herm1one

Good Plugin, my daughter can update her hairdressing photos on Instagram, and the website keeps automatically up to date.
Does the job well, and shows that the Salon is up to the minute.
by @elainekay

This plugin is great!
Very clean layout and easy to use!
Will be using this plugin for all my sites that require instagram feeds! Thanks
by @csmithfcedge

Steps for integrating an Instagram feed:

Install 10Web Instagram Feed.
Connect your Instagram account.
Publish your feed.

Premium version adds

Masonry Layout feeds
Blog Style Layout feeds
Image metadata (Instagram tags, image captions, comments, likes) displayed
Mixed and multiple feeds (Instagram account posts with multiple hashtags)
Fully customizable themes
Vertical/horizontal filmstrip in lightbox
HTML5 Video support in Lightbox
Blog Style and Image Browser views for displaying Instagram videos
15 Lightbox transition effects
Social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest)
Infinite scroll for the feed (Similar to Instagram standard)
Instagram comments displayed in Lightbox
Instagram hashtag filtering options
Conditional filters


Some customizations described here are available in Premium version. Please refer to feature summary for additional info.

10Web Instagram Feed comes with extensive customization options for the feeds, layouts, themes and content display. Every new feed you add to your website has its own settings for the feed and for the lightbox that pops up when people click on an image or video. Upon clicking on the image you can choose to redirect people to Instagram, open the image in the lightbox, or chose the custom redirect option. There are various image sorting options available based on the date, likes, comments, and on random basis. Media loading options include load more button, infinite Instagram scrolling, or classic pagination with next and previous buttons. You can enable “Follow on Instagram” button from the feed settings and let your visitors follow the displayed Instagram accounts directly from your site. The number of photos you display on the page or post can be specified from the feed settings, as well as the number of the loading images.


If you think you found a bug in 10Web Instagram Feed or wonder how to add Instagram to your website, or how to get Instagram plugin up and running, please check out Support Forum. Additional information on how to download Instagram plugin to your website you can find in our user manual If you do not find a solution in the forum, do not hesitate to click here to contact us.

Privacy Policy

10Web Instagram Feed plugin uses Instagram API on website front end. You have to authorize the plugin via sign in to get data from Instagram on your behalf. The plugin does not send any user’s data to Instagram. All the data received from Instagram via API is cached in WordPress database for some short customizable period to provide front end optimization. You can delete or update cached data. Instagram saves some cookies in browsers of website visitors via API data. These cookies are mostly used for security purposes. They are regulated under terms of Instagram’s privacy policy https://instagram.com/legal/privacy. The plugin asks for your consent to collect site administrator’s email address and site URL to offer customer support, deals and discounts on premium products and more.


WordPress 10Web Instagram Feed – Thumbnail layout
WordPress 10Web Instagram Feed – Image browser layout
WordPress 10Web Instagram Feed – Lightbox
WordPress 10Web Instagram Feed – Edit Instagram Feed
WordPress 10Web Instagram Feed – Theme Settings


Thank you for your interest in 10Web Instagram Feed.

Here are two ways of installing 10Web Instagram Feed: via WordPress backend and via FTP. Let’s discuss each case individually:

Installing via WordPress

Login to the WordPress Administrator Panel.
Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
Click Choose file button and select the zip folder of 10Web Instagram Feed plugin and press Install now button.
Click Activate button.

Installing via FTP

Login to your hosting space via an FTP software, e.g. FileZilla.
Unzip the downloaded 10Web Instagram Feed plugin folder without making any changes to the folder.
Upload the Instagram plugin into the following location wp-content>wp-plugins.
Login to the WordPress Administrator Panel.
Activate 10Web Instagram Feed by going to Plugins and pressing Activate button.

Creating an Instagram Feed

Creating a responsive Instagram feed is simple and easy with this user-friendly Instagram importer plugin. Go to 10Web Instagram Feed > Feeds and press Add New. Here you can choose Instagram feed layout and manage lightbox options. From the lightbox options you can enable filmstrip, slideshow, and take full control how custom feed images, image galleries, pictures, Instagram gallery, and videos of this social network are displayed within the lightbox.

You can enable autoplay to play photos and Instagram group images similar to an image slider. To get an Instagram slider appearance in the lightbox you’ll need to adjust the lightbox and image display settings. Lightbox works great with Instagram touch. The feed will be automatically updated once users share Instagram new images. The feeds support new Instagram carousel feature, and display the images of the responsive carousel.

Create an Instagram feed based on one of the available layouts – Thumbnail, Masonry, Blog Style, Image Browser.


What can I achieve using Instagram Feed plugin?

WordPress Instagram Feed is a user-friendly plugin with enhanced functionality, which lets you create and showcase Instagram feeds on your WordPress website. You can build multiple feeds with the media of your Instagram account or hashtag by completing just a few simple steps.

You will need a couple of minutes to incorporate Instagram API to your website. The plugin will automatically create a feed from your Instagram profile. Additionally, you can build Instagram feeds and show posts of your username, as well as hashtags.

Customize the features of the feeds by configuring advanced settings of Instagram Feed plugin. Its user-friendly tools and features allow you fully personalize your feeds, set up conditional filters for feed username and hashtags, modify image lightbox settings and more.

Control the appearance and layout of your Instagram feed using 4 outstanding layout types and theme options of Instagram Feed plugin. You can publish the feeds with one of the following layouts:

Blog Style,
Image Browser.

Furthermore, its lightbox feature allows you to also display the images as a beautiful image slider in a popup. The themes of Instagram Feed plugin let you modify each and every attribute of the feeds.

With Instagram Feed plugin, you can showcase photos and videos, share wonderful food and travel blog pictures of Instagram with your website visitors. In case you use Instagram for e-commerce, this is the best Instagram plugin to engage your social network followers to your website.

The plugin is designed with mobile-friendly layout, letting you provide great user experience on any screen size or device.

How can I get my Instagram Access Token?

To begin creating feeds with WordPress Instagram Feed plugin, you need to configure Instagram app for website and get Instagram Access Token first. This is a very simple process. Visit Instagram Feed > Settings page from WordPress administrative dashboard to start the setup.

Press Sign in with Instagram button. In case you are logged in to Instagram.com from your web browser, Access Token and Username fields will be automatically filled in. Otherwise, if there are no logged in users, a popup will appear letting you sign in.

To use a different Instagram account, simply press Reset access token and username button. Afterwards, you can sign out from Instagram.com, and get access token for another Instagram user by logging in again.

This is all you need to do, to be able to embed Instagram gallery to your WordPress website. You can then display your Instagram photos and videos as a responsive carousel, as widgets on the sidebar or footer of your site, and more.

As soon as you sign in to Instagram and get Access Token, a sample feed is created with your account and placed on a private page of your WordPress website. You can view your Instagram image gallery by clicking on View your feed button, or modify its settings and appearance by pressing Edit your feed. The feed will also appear on Instagram Feed > Feeds page.

Note, that this feed is not visible to website visitors, unless you edit its page and make it public.

How to embed Instagram media to my WordPress site?

To begin creating your first feed, navigate to Feeds page of Instagram Feed plugin. This page of our Instagram HTML plugin contains a list of all your feeds created with the plugin. You will see the feed of your Instagram timeline appearing on this list.

Press Add New button to start building your feed and import Instagram posts to your WordPress website.

Firstly, make sure to set a Feed Title for your feed. Then, let’s configure the mandatory settings which are necessary for displaying the feed. Click on Media bar to expand these options.

Use Feed Media drop-down box to choose the content of your Instagram feed. Feed Usernames and Hashtags option lets you input your Instagram username and display feeds containing images and videos of your account. You can also add hashtags and showcase your posts with those hashtags.

Write the usernames without the @ sign, however for hashtags, you do need to add # at the beginning.

While using this Instagram media importer tool, make sure to specify one username or hashtag at a time, and press Add button each time.

You can customize the sorting of the media on your feed using the following settings.

Sort Media
Great little plugin. Easy to setup and looks nice out of the box!

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