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WP Migrate DB


WP Migrate DB exports your database as a MySQL data dump (much like phpMyAdmin), does a find and replace on URLs and file paths, handles serialized data, then allows you to save it to your computer as an SQL file. To complete the migration, you need to use a database management tool (e.g. phpMyAdmin) to import the SQL file to your database, replacing your existing database. It is perfect for developers who need to migrate fresh data from the production site to their local install, or migrate their locally developed site to a staging or production server.

WP Migrate DB handles serialized data (both arrays and objects) by unserializing the data and going through it, identifying strings and running a find & replace on them. Once it has gone through all the data, it serializes it again and sticks it back in the database.

Example: s:5:"hello" becomes s:11:"hello world"

PRO Version with Email Support and More Features

Push and pull your databases
Find & replace that handles serialized data
Export your database
Select which tables to migrate
Filter out post types
Exclude useless data
Save migration profiles
Phenomenal email support
Stress tested on massive databases
Solid security
Media Files addon
CLI addon
Multisite Tools addon
Theme & Plugin Files addon

Compare pro vs free ?

See the video below or visit the web site to learn more about the pro version.


Main screen
Settings tab
Saving the exported database


Use WordPress’ built-in installer
Access the “Migrate DB” menu option under Tools (or under Settings on multsite intallations)


Why wouldn’t I just use WordPress’ built-in XML export/import to migrate my site?

WP Migrate DB will migrate your entire WordPress database, WordPress’ built-in tools will not. For more details, please see our blog post, WordPress XML Export/Import vs. WP Migrate DB Pro.

Will you migrate my site for me?

Sorry, but we do not offer site migration services at the moment.

Does the plugin support multisite?

Yes, but the Multisite Tools addon for the pro version does a lot more with multisite like migrating a subsite as a single-site install.

Does the plugin migrate files as well?

No, it only operates on the database. The pro version’s Media Files addon allows you to migrate media files and the Theme & Plugin Files addon allows you to migrate plugin and theme files as well.

Why do I end up with a wp-login.php download instead of the exported SQL file?

It is likely you have a download manager plugin or extension installed in your web browser. You will need to disable it for the SQL download to work properly.

Does the plugin handle serialized data?

Yep, it will run a find & replace on your serialized data and migrate it without corrupting it. See our documentation for details.

What are the requirements?

They are the same as the requirements for WP Migrate DB Pro.

Do you offer email support?

If you upgrade to WP Migrate DB Pro, we will gladly provide you with email support. We take pride in delivering exceptional customer support. We do not provide email support for the free version.


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