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Under Construction


Create an Under Construction Page, Maintenance Mode Page, Coming Soon Page or a Landing Page that takes less than a minute to install & configure. This plugin won’t waste your time! UCP is simple, fast, efficient & user-friendly with great templates users love.

PRO version offers more than 50 extra features and options including the drag&drop builder, 400,000+ hi-res searchable images, 100+ templates, affiliate&traffic tracking, advanced access control, MailChimp, Zapier & universal autoresponder integration, and priority USA based support. Find out more on the official plugin site.

A simple, no-nonsense plugin for all those situations when you have to hide the site behind an Under Construction page for a while. Live examples are available on the Under Construction website. Give us a shout on Twitter @WebFactoryLtd or check out the video.

UCP has full support for collecting leads and subscribers via optin boxes in content, and optin popups. We’ve integrated MailOptin a great, free plugin into UCP that connects to MailChimp and numerous other autoresponder services allowing you to easily collect emails.


Under construction mode – on / off
Automatic End date & time – automatically disable construction mode on a set date
Google Analytics Tracking ID – enable tracking via Google Analytics
Theme – a new one is added with each update, test all available themes (35+)
Custom CSS – adjust any part of the page to fit your needs
Title – page title, for SEO
Description – page description, for SEO
Headline – main headline/title
Content – anything you need to display, from styled text to images
Optin box, optin popup – collect leads and emails and sync with MailChimp and other autoresponders
Login Button – show a discrete link to the login form, or WP admin if you’re logged in
Social icons/links – new ones are added with every update; let us know if we missed your favorite ones


Whitelisted User Roles – user roles who see the site, instead of maintenance page
Whitelisted Users – users who see the site, instead of maintenance page

Under Construction Page has a built-in support system. It requires no registration or any kind of messing about; send a message to our support agents directly from within the plugin. It’s compatible with the following caching plugins: W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Endurance Page Cache, SiteGround SuperCacher, WP Fastest Cache and Swift Performance Cache.

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Build an under construction page in less than a minute with over 30 themes
Under Construction Text theme
Mad Designer theme
Plain Text theme
Under Construction theme
Things Went Dark theme
Forklift at Work theme
Cyber Chick theme
Rocket Launch theme
Loader at Work theme
Cyber Chick Dark theme
Safe theme
People at Work theme
Windmill theme
Sad Site theme
Hot Air Balloon
People at Work #2 theme
Rocket Launch #2 theme
Light Bulb theme
Ambulance theme
Laptop theme
Puzzles theme contributed by Ralf Biester
Internet of Things
Setup theme
Stop theme
Clock theme
Bulldozer theme
Christmas theme
Hard Worker theme
Temporarily Closed theme
Dumper Truck theme
000webhost theme
Work Desk theme
Main settings
Design settings
Content settings
Access settings


Follow the usual routine;

Open WordPress admin, go to Plugins, click Add New
Enter “under construction page” in search and hit Enter
Plugin will show up as the first on the list, click “Install Now”
Activate & open plugin’s settings page located under the Settings menu

Or if needed, upload manually;

Click to Download the plugin.
Unzip it and upload to /wp-content/plugins/
Open WordPress admin – Plugins and click “Activate” next to the plugin
Activate & open plugin’s settings page located under the Settings menu


Who is this plugin for?

For anyone who wants to display a under construction / maintenance page while they’re doing work on their site.

Will this plugin slow my site down?

Absolutely not.

Will it work on my theme?

Sure! It works 100% with all themes.

Will it work with my plugins?

Sure! It works 100% with all plugins.

What changes will it make to my site?

None. Once you disable the under construction mode your site will function as it did before.

It’s not working!!! Arrrrrrrrr

We did our very best to make Under Construction compatible with all plugins and themes, but problems can still happen. No worries, head over to the support forum open a new thread, and we’ll help you ASAP.

How can I work on my site while under construction mode is enabled?

Make sure your user role (probably admin) is selected under Access – Whitelisted User Roles option and open the site while logged in.

How can I log in / access WordPress admin after under construction mode has been enabled?

Enable the Login Button option (found in Content tab), and a login link will be shown in the lower right corner of the under construction page.

How do I add my logo to the page?

Head over to the Content tab and click “Add Media”. Upload/select the logo, position it as you see fit and add other content.

I’ve made changes to UCP, but they are not visible. What do I do?

Click “Save Changes” one more time. Open your site and force refresh browser cache (Ctrl or Shift + F5). If that doesn’t help it means you have a caching plugin installed. Purge/delete cache in that plugin or disable it.

How can I get more designs? Where do I download them?

We update the plugin every 7-10 days and each update comes with at least one new theme/design. There is no other way to get more designs nor a place to download them.

How can I edit designs?

There is an option to add custom CSS. If you want more than that you will have to edit the source files located in /under-construction-page/themes/.

I have disabled UCP but the under construction page is still visible. How do I remove it?

Open your site and force refresh browser cache (Ctrl or Shift + F5). If that doesn’t help it means you have a caching plugin installed. Purge/delete cache in that plugin or disable it. If that fails too contact your hosting provider and ask them to empty the site cache for you.

Is UCP compatible with caching plugins?

UCP is compatible with all caching plugins. However, please note that we automatically empty cache when UCP status is changed only for the following plugins: W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Endurance Page Cache, SiteGround SuperCacher and WP Fastest Cache.


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