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DigitalPUSH notifications


This plugin allows your visitors to subscribe to your push notifications as well as receive push notifications whenever you publish a new post.

The process of subscription is 100% automated and your subscribers will be saved within your DigitalPUSH account.

The process of sending notifications on a new post is also 100% automated and it will notify all your previously subscribed users with the following information:
* Post title ( up to 64 characters )
* Post content without any HTML tags ( up to 128 characters )
* Post permalink
* Post featured image ( If the post has no featured image, a standard bell image will be used instead. The same applies if your featured image is http:// instead of https:// )

The subscription is made by implementing the DigitalPUSH javascript library into your pages ( ), library which handles the entire process.
The push notification sending process is handled by making a POST call from the plugin to the DigitalPUSH API ( ).

To make use of the plugin you will need an account with DigitalPUSH which can be created here:
The registration is instant and completely free.

DigitalPUSH is a free to use push notifications service which can be found here:
DigitalPUSH terms of service:
DigitalPUSH privacy policy:


Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/digitalpush-notifications directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
Edit your plugin settings under Settings->DigitalPUSH
Follow the instructions within the sidebar of the settings page to obtain your free “Code key” and you “API key”

Automatically add push notifications on all your pages

Insert a javascript code into the footer of your pages to allow your visitors to subscribe to your notifications.

Send notifications to your subscriber base with each new post

This plugin allows you to notify your subscribers each time you publish a new post.


This plugin is created by the DigitalPUSH team.

Thank you
Demetrius Tautu

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