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WooCommerce Curlec Online Banking


Curlec payment gateway enable real time payments from users internet banking account through Curlec service. Curlec service provides a web interface that allows integration with PayNet’s FPX(Financial Process Exchange) service, to securely perform real-time payments between FPX participating banks. For more details: https://www.curlec.com and http://www.paynet.my.

To start accepting payments, register with Curlec Merchant Registration (https://esign.curlec.com/curlec-signup). Registration process involves Merchant Bank physical verification of the signed copies from the Merchant which may take few days. Once verified and approved an email with the Merchant ID and Employee ID will be sent. Merchant need to update those values and after that they can proceed the Payment processing with Curlec.

PS: for more information about registration contact (sales@curlec.com) or call us at (03-76295701)


lists of payment method
curlec payment settings page
checkout page


Using The WordPress Dashboard

Navigate to the \\’Add New\\’ in the plugins dashboard
Search for \\’WooCommerce Curlec Online Banking\\’
Click \\’Install Now\\’
Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

Navigate to the \\’Add New\\’ in the plugins dashboard
Navigate to the \\’Upload\\’ area
Select woocommerce-curlec-online-banking.zip from your computer
Click \\’Install Now\\’
Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

How to use

To enable the payment gateway click on the woocommerce tab on the left tab panel -> then click on the woocommerce settings menu.

When in WC settings menu, click on the payment tab. There will be the list of payment gateway in payment panel and we need to find for curlec payment. Click on enable button (if it is not already enable by woocommerce plugin ) to active the curlec payment on the wordpress side.

Now, to set the url, merchant_id, admin_id to access the payment gateway, click on the manage/edit button on the right side of curlec payment method list.

Once you were in curlec payment settings page, you can set the url, merchant_id, and admin_id followed by your curlec account information.
for testing (demo):
url: https://demo.curlec.com
merchant id : 12345
admin id : 1234

for live (production):
    url: https://go.curlec.com 
    merchant id: 12345
    admin id: 1234

To access callback handler, log in into curlec portal (https://demo.curlec.com or https://go.curlec.com) and then go to curlec merchant settings and enable the curlec service by click on use as service checkbox. Then set merchant url and merchant callback url as:

PS: for more information please contact with (support@curlec.com) or call us at (03-76295701)

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