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Widgets for SiteOrigin


Widgets for SiteOrigin is a bundle of customizable, lightweight and responsive building blocks that can be used to create exciting digital experiences. The widgets can be use with either the SiteOrigin Page Builder or any other widgetized area.

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Highly Customizable

Every widget comes with a number of content and styling options to fine tune its looks and feel. Get your creative juices flowing.


Every widget comes with its own unique code keeps your site smooth and fast. No bulky frameworks.

Included widgets (FREE)

Blog Widget lists out posts with five highly customizable design layouts. Perfect for magazine homepages.
Portfolio Widget allows you to show off your work in a neat grid.
Tabs Widget looks great inside any sized column. On smaller screens the tabs buttons stack up and are easy to use.
Accordion Widget allows you to compartmentalize information and improve user experience on your site.
Filter Accordion Widget extends on the accordion widget with the use of filters.
Audio Widget allows you to easily add audio to your site.
Video Widget makes it easy to add videos to your site.
Media Box Widget is a simple and elegant way to highlight small bits of information, such as skills, features or services you offer.
Testimonial Widget is the best way to showcase quotes from your customers.
Person Widget is a great way to highlight your team.
Pricing Table Widget allows you to easily create pricing elements for your products or services.
Image Widget allows you to add images with a premium lightbox feature.
Slider Widget lets you create a simple image slider.
Call to Action Widget The call to action widget can be customised to create eye catching user interfaces.
Alert widget is a useful element that can be dropped into a form or inline on a page.
Number Counter Widget is an engaging way to display numerical statistics.
Circle Counter Widget is a great way to display a single animated statistic.
Bar Counter Widget is a beautiful animated display of useful stats.
Divider widget is useful as a separator between different sections of your content.
Button Widget can easily add buttons anywhere on your site.
Social Icons Widget increases social media engagement by redirecting users to your social media profiles with pleasing icons.

Additional Features

Visibility is a wonderful way to display specific widgets or rows for different screen sizes or screen orientations.

More widgets with the Pro Version

Enhanced Blog Widget Extends on the blog widget, and comes with a set of predesigned article templates.
Advanced Info Box animated box with image background.
Blog Slider Widget lets you easily add eye catching post sliders anywhere on your website.
Portfolio Enhanced Widget builds up on the portfolio widget with more layout and template options.
Person Slider Widget is the best way to showcase your team with a smooth slider in a cohesive manner.
Testimonial Slider Widget is a great way to encourage trust from your visitors.
Chart Widget allows you to visualize your data in a number of different ways.
Content Toggle allow user to look at contrasting content with a simple switch.
Flip Carousel Widget visually tantalizing image carousel.
Gallery Widget spice up your image collections in a masonry layout with a lightbox.
Slider Pro Widget is an image slider with animated text and a customizable button.
Flip Box Widget Interactive media box with flip animations.
Image Compare compare 2 images with a divider control.
WooCommerce Products Widget Display a neat grid of WooCommerce products.
Service Box Widget List out services with their features in a neat visually pleasing list.
Vertical Bar Counter Widget Animated vertical bars to display your stats.
Animation feature lets you an easily animate widgets.

Get help at our Support Forum.


Manage which widgets you want enabled or disabled.
Use all widgets in any widget area.


Once installed, you can choose to Active/Deactivate widget from Plugins -> SiteOrigin Widgets.

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle is required for this plugin.

Jetpack by WordPress.com. Optional The portfolio widget is built using the Custom Content Types module. Activate if you are using the Portfolio Widget


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