Simple Accessible Spoilers – WordPress plugin Free download

Simple Accessible Spoilers


Create fully accessible content spoilers or accordions with a shortcode.

Fully accessible to screen reader users
Creates a flexible spoiler shortcode
Override design in theme CSS files

Sample Code

[spoiler title=”Sample Code” initial_state=”expanded” tag=”h2″]
Include content here


title: should include the clickable text to be displayed in your accordion
initial_state: values include collapsed or expanded, default to “collapsed”
tag: values include any typical html tag but a heading tag should be used for accessibility, defaults to H2


Install via WordPress Dashboard or upload;
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;
Use “spoiler” shortcode in your content;


How can I customize design of the spoiler?

Override the styles found in styles/simple-accessible-spoilers-styles.css in your theme css files

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