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Printable PDF Newspaper


Generates a printable PDF newspaper from post content. Great for distributing your articles and posts in a print format for offline audiences.

To use, from the admin area of your site, select what content you want to include (supports posts, pages or custom post types and you can filter by tag or category), how many items, whether to truncate the body content (or excerpt) at a certain character length, how many columns to format with, and which fields to display. You can even upload a “masthead” header image for a more authentic newspaper feel, and the plugin can automatically generate QR codes to allow link scanning with a mobile phone camera.

the resulting PDF or save it to your media library for easy public linking and sharing.

This plugin does not require any remote PDF generation services or subscriptions to create the printable PDF file, everything is done within the plugin itself.

Credit to TCPDF for the PDF generation library and Freepik for the plugin icon.


Feature suggestions, bug reports and pull requests on GitHub are welcome.


Example generated PDF file.
Admin PDF configuration screen.


Printable PDF Newspaper is most easily installed via the Plugins tab in your admin dashboard.


What features will be added in the future?

Allow saving of PDF configuration for easy re-use in future runs
More customizable header size and layout
Better support for additional formatting and styles
Filters to alter how content is selected and laid out
Generate QR Codes within the plugin instead of Google Chart API
Ability to auto-generate the PDF on a schedule
Better controls for limiting number of pages generated and column breaks.

Why would anyone print anything?

Some people still encounter things and ideas through engagement with objects in the physical world. If you are looking to attract readers to your WordPress-powered writing, distributing a printed “teaser” version might just help.

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