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Сhange user group Asgaros forum


This plugin performs one but very necessary function,
it adds the user to the asgaros forum group depending on the status of the WooCommerce order.
Such an approach can be useful if you use WooCommerce as a platform for online sales,
and asgaros forum as a forum of technical customer support.

Some advantages of the plugin:

You only need Woocommere
Several modes of operation
Several styles for the form directly from the plugin settings
Ability to customize styles for yourself
Wide range of settings
The button can be added to the item card and to the category
Shortcode to install the button anywhere WordPress


Telegram Group @coderunphp

On the plugin page

Other add-ons for

WooCommerce Viber order notifications

Marketplace for developers

WooCommerce Telegram order notifications

Asgaros Forum Telegram notifications

Required Plugins

Asgaros Forum

Bundled translations:


Donate link:

Visa / MasterCard / Mir / YandexMoney


Button on the site.


Activate the plugin and configure it in the settings menu

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