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WP24 Domain Check


WP24 Domain Check allows users to check domains if they are free for registration. The responsive form could be easily intregrated via shortcode or widget. Labels and colors are customizeable through the settings page.


Easy integration via shortcode or widget
Ajax based search (no page reload required)
Define a list of testable TLDs
Drop-down list (select the TLD from predefinded list)
Over 1.200 supported TLDs
Internationalized domain name (IDN) support
Responsive design
Customization of labels and colors

Premium Features

Free text input (type TLD into domain name field)
Check all TLDs simultaneously (asynchronous)
Show detailed whois information (if domain is registered)
Bot protection with reCAPTCHA (version 2 and 3)


Check domain from drop-down list (select the TLD from predefinded list)
Responsive design
General settings
Texts & Colors
Whois Servers

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