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Wonder Cache


Wonder Cache is a dead-simple yet powerful caching plugin that includes superhuman strength and durability.
It’s forked from Batcache the major difference is; Wonder Cache uses server disk space instead of the persistent object cache.

Wonder Cache is aimed at preventing a flood of traffic from breaking your site. It does this by serving old pages to new users.
This reduces the demand on the web server CPU and the database. It also means some people may see a page that is a few minutes old.
However this only applies to people who have not interacted with your web site before.
Once they have logged in or left a comment they will always get fresh pages.

Contributing & Bug Report

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on Github.

From within WordPress

Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
Search for ‘Wonder Cache’
Activate Wonder Cache from your Plugins page.
That’s all.


Upload the wonder-cache folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Activate the Wonder Cache plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
That’s all.


Should I use this?

There are tons of caching plugin on the repository. Wonder Cache is one of simplest and compatible with multisite.
If you don’t want to deal with settings or running a multisite on shared hosting or where the persistent object caching is not available, give it a try.

Why was this written?

First of all, you need to understand why Batcache had written.

Batcache was written to help WordPress.com cope with the massive and prolonged traffic spike on Gizmodo’s live blog during Apple events. Live blogs were famous for failing under the load of traffic. Gizmodo’s live blog stays up because of Batcache.

But, Batcache depends on the object caching and it’s not simple to install as a plugin for the end-user. So, Wonder Cache is a fork of Batcache that written for almost same purpose.

Which one is better? Batcache or Wonder Cache?

Depends on the situation. If you are running your website on multiple servers and able to configure memcached pool, go with Batcache.
Other than, if you are running on single server or maybe shared server and don’t have much memory; use Wonder Cache.

Where the name comes from?

It comes from Wonder Woman.

Is it fastest caching solution?

Nope! If you are able to configure; go with varnish.
If you are good at the server, you can use nginx micro caching or page caching that supports apache rewrite. (e.g Powered Cache )
There is always vice/versa when you bring a new tool or adding complexity.


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