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Adds Font Awesome 5 icons to your WordPress site. Supports Font Awesome Pro. Resolves conflicts across many plugins or themes that use Font Awesome.

This is the official plugin from the Font Awesome team.

New Plugin, Replacing an Old Plugin

This is a new, completely re-written plugin, tested with the latest WordPress and Font Awesome versions. It replaces the older plugin formerly occupying this space in the WordPress plugins directory, which was no longer being maintained.

Thanks to Rachel Baker and the team behind the former plugin for getting something started and allowing us to carry it forward.

We’ve built in some magic to help users of the old plugin experience a smooth upgrade path. We think you’ll love Font Awesome 5!


Supports both Font Awesome Free and Font Awesome Pro.

Gets new icon updates directly from right when they’re released, ready to add to your site as soon as you like. New icons are released regularly.

Provides easy configuration to enable the new SVG framework with extra features like Power Transforms.

Easily spot and fix conflicts when using SVG would conflict with other plugins or themes that require the classic Web Fonts & CSS method.

Loads icons from the fast Font Awesome Free CDN, or the Font Awesome Pro CDN for Pro subscribers.

Provides a “v4-shim” to ease the upgrade from Font Awesome 4 to Font Awesome 5.

Developers: supports development of themes and plugins to use Font Awesome without run time conflicts.

Eliminate the headache of various plugins and themes trying to load multiple or incompatible versions of Font Awesome.

Using this plugin provides a common framework for managing Font Awesome dependencies. Rest easy that icons for your templates will either load like you expect, or else warn the site owner gracefully with clear diagnostics and user-friendly guidance to resolve conflicts.

See also: API docs

Prevents “unregistered” themes or plugins from breaking your icons by loading multiple or incompatible versions.


Find icons for your version of Font Awesome in the Icon Gallery, or on the cheatsheet.


The stroopwafel icon in the Solid (fas) style:

<i class="fas fa-stroopwafel"></i>

All Font Awesome features are available when using HTML, including advanced features only available using the SVG with JavaScript, such as Power Transforms.

You can enable SVG in the admin settings page.

Notice that we use the icon’s CSS class here, fa-stroopwafel, rather than its plain name.


[icon name="stroopwafel"]

Notice we’re just using the name of the icon here (stroopwafel), as you’d find in the Icon Gallery, not its CSS class (fa-stroopwafel).

The current version of Font Awesome has over double the amount of icons that this plugin provides. Moreover, the list does not appear in the visual editor anymore. These can be appropriated to this plugin being outdated, but there are more inherent problems.

One is that the icons cannot be customized in the shortcode. You can’t tell it to give the icons a 2x, 3x size, or a fixed width, or a spinning animation, like Font Awesome normally allows you to. It makes the shortcodes seem almost useless.

Better keep looking if you were looking for a plugin that gives you quick Font Awesome access!

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