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Featured Image from URL plugin allows you to use an external image as Featured Image of your post, page and Custom Post Type, such as WooCommerce Product;

perfect for external posts, the plugin is able to use the first image as Featured Image;

when you access the table of posts/pages/products/categories in admin menu, the Featured Images are shown in a new column;

if your theme doesn’t show Featured Image on posts/pages/products, it’s possible to include that at the beginning of the content automatically;

but if your theme show the Featured Images on posts/pages/products, there is an option to remove the Featured Image;

with lazy load feature the images/videos won’t be loaded until user scrolls to them making the home/shop page load faster;

all included content still has social tags to facilitate sharing on social networks;

compatible with WP All Import plugin;

some nonstandard image URLs, such as Instagram and Google Drive’s, will work as well;

you can define a default external featured image to be shown when there is no featured image;

you can disable the product lightbox and zoom;

you can apply your own CSS style or 18 hover effects to the images;

supports WP REST API (premium feature);

allows to schedule an cron event to set all first images as featured images. So it can run hourly, daily etc. (premium feature);

all features created for external images are available for external videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Cloudinary and Tumblr. For YouTube videos, it’s possible to set player parameters. And you can define the video size for each screen type (premium feature);

you can use a slider of images as “featured image” (premium feature);

you can use a video thumbnail or a video as “featured image” (premium feature);

you can use any content provided by a shortcode as “featured image” (premium BETA feature);

auto set product category images, with each image being chosen among the external product images from that category (premium feature);

it’s also possible to use external images in the WooCommerce Product Gallery, Product Category and Variable Product (premium feature);

you can use external thumbnails from Flickr to make your site uppon to 94% faster (premium feature);

it’s able to crop all the external featured images on home/shop to the same size (premium feature);

auto play/pause videos on mouse over/out (premium feature);

Official Site
Live Preview (Blog)
Live Preview (Shop)


Just fill the URL field with the image address and click on preview button.

If the URL is correct, the image will be shown.

Premium feature: featured video from URL.

Premium feature: featured slider from URL.

Featured image column.

External featured media on home.

External featured image on post (it could be a page or a custom post type).

Premium feature: featured video from URL.

Premium feature: featured slider from URL.

A lot of settings to adapt the plugin to your needs.

Premium feature: image gallery from URL.

Premium feature: video gallery from URL.

External featured media on WooCommerce shop.

External featured media on cart.

Premium feature: image gallery from URL.

External featured image on Lightbox.

Lightbox zoom.

Premium feature: video gallery from URL.

Premium feature: external featured video on Lightbox.

Lightbox zoom.


Install automatically or by uploading the ZIP file.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
The plugin settings will be in the left column, between ‘Appearance’ and ‘Collapse menu’ icons.
And a new box will be shown immediately below or above the traditional “Featured Image” box, in the page/post/product editor.


Where are the “Featured Image from URL” box?

It will be immediately below or above the traditional “Featured Image” box, in the page/post/product editor.

What’s the URL field?

There you should paste the image URL. For example: https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3761/9944251684_e16fd019c0_b.jpg

What’s the preview button?

This button will show you a preview of the external image.

Why don’t I see the image preview?

Because your URL is invalid.

What’s the “alt attribute” field?

There you can write a short description of the image. It is only for SEO reasons.

What’s the “Remove external featured image” link?

It’s used to remove the external image.

What happens if I have two featured images (internal and external)?

The external image has priority in this case and the internal image won’t be shown. However you can revert the priority in the plugin settings.

Which WooCommerce versions are supported by Featured Image from URL?

3.0.X and later.

When accessing “All Pages”, “All Posts”, “Products” or “Product Categories” in admin menu, how can I enable or disable “FIFU” column?

Just click on “Screen Options”, and check or uncheck “FIFU”.

How to show the Featured Image (internal or external) at the beginning of the content of a Post, Page or Product?

There is a toggle (on/off) in Featured Image from URL settings. This functionality was added to attend some themes that didn’t show the Featured Image before the content of Posts, Pages or Products.


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