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Diviner Archive


DIVINER is a free and open-source WordPress plugin for small to mid-size institutions with public archiving needs. DIVINER 1.0 is a digital platform built for archiving, organizing, and presenting large amounts of photographs, audio, video, and documents – or all four! DIVINER might be right for your organization if you have a collection of humanities materials you would like to share with the public (for example, a collection of 3,000 photographs of a large farm in the early 1900s; or thousands of audio clips and interviews related to immigration in Wisconsin).

We plan to have future releases, and are currently working with organizations, big AND small, from around the United States to populate their own installations of DIVINER. Check back soon for examples of how people are using DIVINER for their own projects – from historical photo archives to special projects on immigration in the US!

Future versions will include a real time multifacet search mechanism and more field options including select fields, taxonomy fields, custom post type fields, and date fields.


Example single archive item
Diviner General Settings
Diviner Field Management


1) and activate plugin.
2) Go to Diviner General Settings to add permissions statement to the bottom all archive Items
3) Go to Diviner Manager Fields to set up meta fields to be associated with your archive items (ex: Photographer Name)
4) Create Archive Items
5) Navigate to the your archive items and view the meta fields and feature media (image, audio, video, document)


Only Text Fields? That\’s not much

No, we agree. We have already written code for date fields, select fields, taxonomy fields, and custom post type fields. We will be rolling out this soon.

How do I customize the display?

There are several filters for outputting the content. They are diviner_render_document_download, diviner_render_video_oembed, diviner_render_photo, diviner_render_audio, and diviner_render_audio_oembed

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