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Tidio Live Chat


Tidio Live Chat is a live chat service which allows you to communicate with your customers easily, also with the help of chatbots. It is designed specifically for the WordPress community. Once you install the plugin, you will be ready to take full advantage of the benefits our service provides. A free plan is available!

What else do we feature?

Extremely easy installation – once you install the plugin, you’re ready to go
Tidio Chatbots that will solve your customers’ issues 24/7 and generate more leads
Keep track of who visits your website
Contact any customer that is currently visiting your site
Adjust the colour scheme to your needs
Use a dedicated app for mobile and desktop devices (iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Chrome)
The integrated widget supports 183 languages, with 21 pre-translated language packs available
A modern widget design that suits any website
An offline form for your visitors, so that you get email notifications about messages when you’re not online
Contact your visitors via email when they leave the chat
Integration with Zendesk, GetResponse, SalesForce, MailChimp, and many more
All channels in one place – use chat, email, and Messenger in a single panel
Great technical support 24/5
A free plan available

Our app merges live chat and chatbots in one tool to help you skyrocket your sales and level of customer service. Imagine that a potential client wants to leave you; the Tidio Chatbot can engage them 24/7 (you don’t even have to be online!), offering them help in case of an issue, or asking them for an email address for later contact. Your client is happy, and you have a new lead. Isn’t that excellent customer service?

How does it work?

Right after you install, open the “Tidio Chat” tab, and you’re ready to go! A chat widget will be visible on your website, so your visitors can contact you in real time. Once you access the Tidio dashboard, you can reply to any incoming chats, configure Chatbots, and manage other settings.

Supported languages


If you’re lacking support of your language, please contact us on contact[at]tidio.net or visit our website www.tidiochat.com

Please note that Tidio Chat is free. After activating the plugin, your 7 day trial period will begin. When the trial period is finished, you can downgrade your account to Free or continue to use the PRO account. More information here.


Live Chat – instantly reply to people who visit your website
Intuitive Chat Panel – manage and monitor all conversations and visitors in one place
Automations – set up automated messages triggered by predefined actions
Dedicated app for mobile and desktop devices (iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows, OS X)


Go to WordPress Control Panel
Click “Plugins”, then “Add New”
Type in “Tidio Live Chat” and click “Search Plugins”
Click to Download and install the Plugin
Click the “Activate Plugin” link
Move to the “Live Chat” section in the menu
Done! Now you can start talk with your users


Can I add an infinite number of agents?

Yes , there is no limit to the number of agents you can add.

Is it possible to translate every single element of Tidio Chat?

Yes, all elements of Tidio Chat are translatable in your control panel.

Can I change the colour of the chat’s widget?

Yes, you can change the chat’s appearance according to your needs.

Do I need to know any programming language to install Tidio Chat?

No, just click the Click to Download option and start using chat’s simple interface right away.

Can I manage TidioChat for two sites, from one control panel?

You can switch between projects easily or open another project in incognito/private mode.

If I’ll have multiple agents, is there a way to have a separate avatar for every single agent?

Yes, you can have a separate avatar for each of your agents.

Can I see history of past conversations?

Yes, in the history menu, on the left side of your chat panel.

Is there an option to set “respond automatically”?

You are able to create automated messages which start a conversation with your customers.

Is there an application for iOS or Android?

Yes, you can download our mobile app from App Store (http://goo.gl/mqth2P) or Google Play (http://goo.gl/ayibFD)

Can I install TidioChat on my plain html site?

Yes you can

Is it possible to initiate a conversation before the visitor does?

Yes, you can do it with the automatic messages feature or simply choose a client from the visitors list and engage a conversation.

Can I move the Tidio Chat widget?

There are currently 2 positions for the chat, the bottom left and the bottom right hand corner.

Can I hide chat’s widget?

Yes, simply go to your chat panel and switch the “Display” option to off.


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