Previewer Role – WordPress plugin Free download

Previewer Role


This lightweight plugin looks to create a ‘Previewer’ user role for WordPress that allows viewing draft posts without the ability to edit. Its purpose is to allow for client or stakeholder sign-off when you don’t want to burden that user with access to the dashboard, the admin bar, etc.

The plugin currently does not support renaming or changing the slug of the role. That will likely be a feature coming in a later version, along with the ability to specify post types and other more granular control.


Simply activate the plugin. The Previewer role will be created automatically and can be applied to any new or existing users. These users will be able to access preview pages of posts, pages and other post types, as long as the preview link is used (e.g. &preview=true).

The previewer role is automatically disabled when the plugin is deactivated.

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