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Choose a single password to protect your entire wordpress site. Only visitors who know the password will be able to access your wordpress site. This is a great tool for someone setting up a development version of a wordpress site or anyone else looking to hide their site from the public, search engines, etc…Set your site-wide password by going to Settings > Hide My Site > Set Your Password. If you want to disable password protection uncheck the box at Settings > Hide My Site > Enable Password Protection.


You can choose how many days you want the user to stay logged in by going to Settings > Hide My Site > Duration.

New in Version 1.6

You can choose to automatically grant access to specific ip addresses

New in Version 1.5

You can set and customize the title tag for the login page
You can choose to discourage search engines from indexing your login page via Settings > Reading > Search Engine Visibility

New in Version 1.4

For Everyone

Brute force protection Blocks access to users after repeated failed login attempts. This protects you from hackers trying to guess your password using “Brute Force” methods. Protection can be toggled via Settings > Hide My Site > Brute Force Protection
You can choose to automatically grant access to admin users
Preview login page option – See your login page as a logged-out visitor would see it. Helpful if you want to see what your login page looks like even if you are already logged in

Version 1.3

For Everyone

‘Password request for every page’ bug fixed.This will resolve the issue for the vast majority of the subset of users who were experiencing the bug that site visitors were receiving password requests on every page. Also, users can now log in from any page – you no longer have to log in from specifically the homepage in order to stay logged in.
Conflict with polylang plugin fixed
Password characters now hidden when entered on front end
Select a notification message to appear at the top of your login page

For Premium Users

Set background image size, position, repeat, and color via plugin settings page
Customize notification message text which appears at the top of your login page

Older Versions

See Changelog

Note, this plugin does not currently work with WP Engine hosting because they automatically cache your pages for you. If you use WP Engine or another host that auto-caches, try contacting them directly and ask them if they can deactivate the auto page caching on your site. If you are using a caching plugin and you notice that it conflicts with Hide My Site, try deactivating the plugin and see if that resolves it. Note that deactivating a caching plugin does not always purge the cache. Before you deactivate the caching plugin, first go to the plugin admin page and turn off caching from there.


Hide My Site in action
Setting the password and login duration
Setting password hint and RSS access
Displaying password hint on login page
1 of 5 new sleek login page designs available to premium users
Choosing custom login page template, custom background image, and entering custom css (for premium users)
Premium users can now choose custom background images and enter custom css for their login pages


From WP admin > Plugins > Add New
Search “Hide My Site” under search and hit Enter
Click “Install Now”
Click the Activate Plugin link


Where do I set the password?

Settings > Hide My Site > Set Your Password

How do I set the duration that a user stays logged in?

Settings > Hide My Site > Duration

How do I override a login page template within my theme folder?

Choose one of the login page styles you want to use as your baseline. For example, let’s say you choose the ‘Ice’ style. Select the ‘Ice’ theme on the plugin settings page in Settings > Hide My Site > Select a theme for your login page. After you save changes, locate the associated php template file within the plugin subfolder called ‘templates’. In this case, it would be the ‘hmsice.php’ file. Copy and paste this file directly into your theme folder. You can now edit the file as you please, and when you update the plugin in the future, you will not lose the changes you have made to the template. Note this feature is only available to premium users.


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