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Easy Static Maps

Basic version features

Support for the 3 main web map services (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps)
Various types of maps available (roadmap, satellite images, hybrid, light and dark themes)
Custom size and zoom level
Choice of image format and quality
Inserting multiple markers (virtual pins on the map)

Pro and Ultimate version features

Custom icons for markers
Adding lines or calculated routes (max 1 line or calculated route with the Pro version, max 3 lines or calculated routes with the Ultimate version)
Adding colored areas and circles (max 1 colored area and 1 circle with the Pro version, max 3 colored areas and 3 circles with the Ultimate version)
Custom style maps (max 3 elements of the map with the Pro version, full customization with the Ultimate version)
Support for transparencies
Domains (websites) enabled to use the plugin (you will receive license keys): 1 with the Pro version, 3 with the Ultimate version

This plugin is currently available in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian.


Position of a house for rent in Paris near Notre-Dame, on a hybrid map by Google Maps with the indication of the main points of interest and of the bus stops
Two places highlighted in Toronto, on a light theme roadmap by OpenStreetMap – Mapquest
Road works near Valognes, on a roadmap by Google Maps with custom icons for markers and custom background (only with Easy Static Maps Pro and Ultimate)
A tour of Rome in three stages, on a physical map by Google Maps (only with Easy Static Maps Ultimate)
Notes for a holiday in Sardinia, on a physical map by Google Maps with custom markers, routes, circles, colored areas and custom background (only with Easy Static Maps Ultimate)
Some of the settings to create a new map


In WordPress

Go to “Plugins” -> “Add New” -> search for “Easy Static Maps”
Press “Install Now” for the Easy Static Maps plugin
Press “Activate Plugin”

Manual installation

Easy Static Maps can be installed in 3 easy steps:

In your WordPress dashboard click on Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin and select this zip file
Install the zip file and activate the plugin
Inside the WordPress admin, go to Easy Static Maps > ESM settings, fill in the fields with your API keys and save them.


I filled in all the fields correctly but I can’t see any map preview. Why?

Several answers are possible:
A) You have not entered the correct API keys in the plugin settings page, or the keys have expired or have been disabled. Check if they have been saved and if they are still active;
B) There is an error in the fields filled in, try to check again if you have entered particular characters that are not recognized by the web map systems or if you have selected an option not available for the chosen map service (for example you have selected the “Dark” map theme that is not available with Google Maps);
C) The chosen web map service does not correctly recognize the address entered for the center of the map or for the markers; try to get the geographic coordinates of these points and insert them in the appropriate fields.

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