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Cookiebot | GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent and Notice


What Cookiebot Offers

Cookiebot is a cloud-driven solution that offers:

A highly customizable consent banner to handle user consents and give the users the required possibility to opt-in and -out of cookie categories.
A cookie policy and declaration, with purpose descriptions and automatic categorization of your cookies (strictly necessary, preference, statistics, marketing).
Full monthly scans to detect all tracking in place on the website as well as detection of where data is being sent to and where in the source code the cookie can be found.
A scanner that detects various online trackers such as Cookies, HTML5 Local Storage, Flash Local Shared Object, Silverlight Isolated Storage, IndexedDB, ultrasound beacons, pixel tags etc.
An easy way to allow the users to change or withdraw their consent.
Translations for 44 languages and the ability to change the text on the banner and declaration for any language.
Storage of user-consents in our cloud-driven environment, which are downloadable and can be used as proof.
Execution of cookie-setting scripts without a page reload, if the user gives consent.

Please read our FAQ at the bottom of the page for more information.

Will my website become compliant once I install Cookiebot?

The short answer is; no.

Although Cookiebot enables your website to become fully compliant, especially obeying the prior consent rule, some manual work is required to achieve compliance.

If you are using plugins that set cookies which require consent (which most do), you have to:

Ask the plugin developers if they are planning on becoming GDPR compliant, or if they would like to integrate with Cookiebot.
Check if there already exists an addon for your plugin in the “Prior consent” submenu.
Check out our Github repository, where we are developing integrations for Cookiebot, until the plugin developers choose to do this themselves, or WP Core enables such functionality

Once Cookiebot is installed, and we’ve scanned your site, you can check the cookie report, to identify all cookies being set on your website. If the cookies are coming from content that you have inserted manually, then you can mark up that content as described in our help section step 3.

Embedded videos and iframes, which set cookies, can be marked up as explain in our Iframe cookie consent with YouTube example.

Cookiebot Addons

Add-ons are produced by an open-source community of developers. This is done to help make it easier for WordPress users to implement ‘prior consent’ for cookies and trackers set by plugins that do not offer this as a built-in functionality.

The add-ons are currently the best alternative to a WordPress Core framework that can signal the user’s consent state to other plugins (if and when this will be implemented is unknown) and to those plugins who do not yet offer native support for Cookiebot built into the plugin itself.

We do not assume any responsibility for the use of these add-ons. If one of the plugins that the add-ons hook into makes a ‘breaking change’, there may be a period of time where the add-on will not work properly until it has been updated to accommodate the changes in the plugin.

If your favourite plugin isn’t supported you’re welcome to contribute or request on our Github development page.

Copyright and Trademarks

Cookiebot is a registered trademark of Cybot A/S


First, install the plugin on your WordPress site.

Then, go to Settings -> Cookiebot and add your Cookiebot ID.

If you haven’t created one yet – or if you’re not sure how to find it – follow the instructions on the page.

Once your Cookiebot ID is added, the consent dialog will be displayed to the visitors of your site.

For more help, visit our support section, that contains various articles on how to set up Cookiebot properly.

Installation video:

Implementing the cookie declaration:

Implementing prior consent:


Is Cookiebot free?

Cookiebot is a freemium plugin, much like Jetpack and Monsterinsights.

Whether the free plan can suffice or you need a premium plan, depends on two things:

1. The size of your website, i.e. the number of subpages on your website.
In other words, you cannot choose whether you want a free plan or a premium plan, as this is determined by the amount of subpages on your website. You can get a quote to see what plan you need for your website.

2. Your necessities, as the free plan does not include all features available in the premium plans. The free plan does not include customization of banner and cookies declaration, multiple languages, e-mail reports, data-export, geo location, bulk consent, consent statistics, internal domain alias for development, test and staging.

No matter the size of your website, you do have the right to a one month trial of Cookiebot for free.

See all details of Cookiebot plans and pricing.

What does Cookiebot count as pages?

Your pricing plan is dependent on the number of subpages we have detected on your website.

Some users mistakenly think that Cookiebot counts their image files as subpages, thus setting the users on a higher subscription plan.

Cookiebot does not count image files as subpages. Depending on your theme, WordPress may automatically create real pages for content placed in your media library, called Attachment pages. Because these pages can contain online trackers, Cookiebot includes them in your page count.

To disable the Attachment page feature in WordPress, please see the following guides:

Cookie declaration

The Cookiebot solution also includes an automatically updated cookie declaration about the cookies in use on your site.

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