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CRM Lead Creation, and web form. Site2CRM includes a built in form template that can be added to any page. When the form is submitted a lead, contact, and company is created inside the users CRM, an email is sent to the administrator, and the data is stored to their local database as a custom ‘lead’ post type.



Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/site2CRM directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
Use the Settings->Site2CRM Admin screen to configure the plugin


What is Site2CRM?

Site2CRM is a user friendly lead/deal creation tool that connects the web form on your website directly to your CRM. This way when your visitors to your site fill out a web form you will not have to worry about manually entering their data into your CRM. Site2CRM is also useful for your own team to enter contact information directly into the form instead of manually entering information through your CRM interface.

Will Site2CRM work for me?

Site2CRM is compatible with all WordPress websites. Even if you are not currently using a CRM Site2CRM will save input data from your web form to your Site2CRM Analytics, and email the data to you in a user friendly easy to read format.

Which CRMs are compatible with Site2CRM?

Site2CRM is currently fully operational with Nutshell CRM, Hubspot CRM, and Pipedrive CRM. However, further integrations will be available soon. Please sign up for our Newsletter for information on future releases.

How do I choose which CRM I am currently using?

Simply click on the Choose your CRM tab under the Site2CRM Admin tab. On that page just click the checkbox next to your current CRM, and click Update your CRM.

How do I set up a connection to my CRM?

Whichever CRM you use allows you to create an API token under settings (please visit the help section in your CRM for additional details). Once you have your API token click on the API Settings tab under the Site2CRM Admin tab. On that page input your Username, and click on Update Username, then enter your API token, and click Update API Key. your current username and API token should be displayed at the top of the page beneath the API data section

How do I add a web form to my site?

Site2CRM comes with a user friendly form that connects directly to your CRM. To add your form go to the Pages tab on your WP dashboard. Hover over the page you wish to add your form to, and click Quick Edit. In the template section select Site2CRM_form, then click Update. Your form will now be visible on the page you chose.

How do I add fields to my web form?

Just click on Form Fields under the Site2CRM Admin tab. Then click on the checkbox on the left of the fields that you want included, click the checkbox on the right for the fields you want to be required, click Update Form Fields, and your fields will be instantly added to the Site2CRM_form in your page templates, and the chosen fields should be displayed at the top of the current page as well as whether or not they are required.

What will happen when a Site2CRM form is submitted on my site?

Site2CRM will first email the submitted form information to the email address entered as the CRM username. Then the data will be saved to your Site2CRm Analytics page. At that point an API connection will be made with your CRM, and the information will added to your CRM directly. Lastly Site2CRM will redirect the user to a page of your choosing to further engage with your WP site.

How do I choose where a user will be sent when submitting a Site2CRM form?

All that is needed to add a redirect on form submission is to click on the Redirect Settings tab under the Site2CRM Admin tab, choose the desired page from the drop-down titled, Redirect Path on Form Submission, click Update Redirect Path, and all form submissions will redirect the user to your desired page,

Where will form submissions be stored, besides in my CRM?

Site2CRM will store all your form submissions in your local WP database. They can be accessed by clicking on the Site2CRM analytics in your WP dashboard.


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