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Instagram Gallery


Easy and simple way to display your Instagram images on the website.
Display pictures from your Instagram account as Gallery or as Carousel Slider. just paste your Instagram Access Token, configure gallery settings and your pictures will be visible on the website. it’s compatible with IE 10+, Safari 6.1+ and all other modern web browsers.

Note: plugin version 2.x is a major update and it requires Instagram access token to display user media, if you are using version 1.x then please backup plugin files before update, it will help you downgrade if there is any issue with latest update.

Demo: you can see demo Here or check ‘screenshots’ section below.

How to use: generate Instagram access token and update the token in plugin panel. then add new gallery in plugin setting panel and copy/paste the generated shortcode in the pages/posts content OR you can use the ‘Instagram Gallery’ Widget within widget section.


Spanish (Mauricio Santelices)


Gallery front-end view
Gallery front-end view with image popup
Carousel Slider view
Plugin backend
Gallery Widget


Minimum Requirements

WordPress 3.8+
PHP version 5.3+

How to Install

Upload and install in the same way you’d install any other plugin OR see HERE


Why my pictures are not showing on page?

you have to update valid Instagram access token to display user media.

Can i display pictures by using Tagname?

Yes you can.

How to add Gallery to Widget?

goto to plugin panel and add new gallery, then goto widgets, add Instagram Gallery widget and select the Gallery item from dropdown list.

Why there are two popups on image click?

there may be some other plugins(like: fancybox, elementor) which also uses image links to open popup. try to disable popup images option in the setting panel of this plugin, which will allow other plugins to work.

Error: No working transports found

this error visible sometimes in PHP 7+ installations due to the missing CURL extension.


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