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WordPress Google Maps

WordPress Google Maps
How to use Google Maps
Google Maps Demo

Google Maps Plugin Features

Online Google Map builder
Unlimited number of map markers and locations
Map Markers with media description. Text, images, video, email, phone
Compatible with any mobile devices
Add Google Map markers and locations by searching or coordinates
100% customizable. All google map and markers options can be modified
Works with any WordPress themes
Add map with shortcode or PHP code
Google Maps and Markers Import and Export feature
Map with Exposition slider
KML layers (import and filter) (pro)
Traffic, Transit and Bicycling Layers (pro)
Heatmap Layer (pro)
Front-end map and markers editing (pro)
Map Markers and Locations groups (clusterization) (pro)
Display Google Map markers with slider mode (pro)
Draw figures and paths on the map (pro)
More Google Maps Examples

Create Google Maps in a minute with with Google Maps Easy WordPress plugin.
Google Map markers with any media, location points with video and text descriptions.
Add google map with shortcode, open it in popup or use google map widget.
Ultimate solution to display google map on the contact page, routes, real estates, pizzas delivery areas and more

Google Maps Easy plugin is an excellent way to make a beautiful map on your website and to help your clients in discovering your location on the google map. For example, if you are an owner of a restaurant, you will have much more possibilities of attracting visitors by using this plugin. The Google map allows you not only to mark the place of your business location, but also to show people its coloured pictures. You can attach photos and videos to the google map marker description and make your potential visitors to feel the atmosphere inside your restaurant, shop or other place of interest.

Google Maps Plugin Support

If you have any problem or feature request for the Google Maps by Supsystic, please let us know!

Translations in your language

You have an incredible opportunity to get PRO version for free. Just Make Translation of the Google Maps by Supsystic plugin! It will be amazing if you take advantage of this offer! Available Translations:

Chinese (Taiwan)
Norwegian (Bokmål)
Portuguese (Portugal)

Google Maps for WordPress are very useful these days usually in contact forms which showcase the correct location of the business or a place of interest. Google Map by Supsystic plugin require only location input to mark the point accurately as it will auto fetch the live map details from Google map. Marking different locations on the google map can be done easily with the google map marker options the plugin provides and that too with colorful icons for interaction on the google map. Route your journey across multiple travel location with google map plugin and you will start loving them. Add titles, description and much more details on your travel details on the map with the help of pointers.

How to Create a Google Map in WordPress

Step 1: Creating/Editing Google Map with Google Maps Easy WordPress plugin

On the left navigation menu click “Add Map”.
Enter the name of google map.
Click “Save Map” button.

Here you can change default options of google map:

set the google map width in pixels or percent;
set the map height in pixels;
choose the google map stylization (PRO feature) – click “Choose style” button and select your google map style, click “Apply” button on style that you like;
set the google map zoom – simply using the mouse wheel or zoom buttons on the google map;
delete the google map

Don’t forget to press the “Save map” button.

Step 2: Creating/Editing Map Markers for the Google Maps by Supsystic

Click “Add New Marker” button – in the center of the google map will appear a map marker.
Set the name of google map marker.
Set the address of the marker by using the address field or fields with marker coordinates. Or you can just click on a point on the map.
Click “Save map marker” button.

At this point you have the ability to set google map marker configuration:

add marker description – besides text, you can attach images, links and videos;
select the icon for the marker – you can choose it from the list of icons or upload your own icon;
set the address of the marker – enter the address by yourself or start typing and then choose the address from the list

Also Google Maps Easy allows you:

Create multiple markers for one map
Edit the marker
Remove the marker from the map

Important! One marker may be used on a single google map. You can not use 1 marker on two different maps.

After every your action – with google maps easy wordpress plugin, you can immediately see the result in a live preview in the right top corner.

Step 3: Export/Import Google Map Option

On the left navigation menu click “Settings”. Here you can export or import google maps and markers.

To export google maps or map markers – click “Export” button and “Maps.csv” or “Markers.csv” file will be downloaded on your computer.
To import maps or markers – you need to click “Import” button and choose the .csv file.

Step 4: Displaying Google Map on the website

Under the google map you can see shortcode of the map.

Copy and paste the shortcode into your post or page and Google Maps Easy will automatically create the google map on your page using the settings you chose above. Important! Google Map Shortcode must be inserted in a text editor page, and not in the visual.

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Google Maps Easy demo

Google Maps Easy demo

Google Map with Image Slider for markers. Choose the slider type for markers list and enjoy your map!

Maps with figures and heatmap layer.

Markers lists. This will help your users get more info about your markers and find required marker more faster.

Map Markers Clusterization. Grid-based clustering works by dividing the google map into squares of a certain size (the size changes at each zoom) and then grouping the map markers into each grid.

KML layers and KML filter

Traffic layers and Alternate routes with detailed steps.

Add markers on frontend. Complete the Marker’s Form and add a marker to this map

Maps with Social Share Buttons and Get direction feature.

Google Map Stylizations. Make your map unique with our Map Themes!

Google Maps Easy WordPress plugin admin area. Provides directions, interactive maps, and satellite/aerial imagery.

Google Maps Easy WordPress plugin admin area. Create markers with description, links, images and galleries, videos and more.


First time Google Maps Easy user

Thank you for choosing Google Maps by Supsystic! Open page of our plug-in admin panel in WordPress and you will see three menu items: “Add maps”, “All Maps” “Settings”.
Under “Settings” you can import and export maps, markers and locations.

In order to create your Google Map, simply click on “Add Maps” in your left menu. When Google Maps page loads, set the height, width and google map name (map width can set in percent and in pixels). To add a marker to your Google Map click on button “Add marker”. Here you can set map marker configuration.

It is already possible to add the name of the google map marker, the map marker icon, set the address marker, and a description of the map marker. Also in the description of the google map marker can be attached images, text, links. Google Map Description token support html-code. Important! One google map marker may be used on a single map. You can not use 1 marker on two different maps.

Don’t forget to press the “Save map” button. After all these points you can see the result in the right top corner. Under the google map will show short code. Copy and paste the shortcode into your post or page and Google Maps Easy will automatically create the google map on your page using the settings you chose above.
Important! Short code must be inserted in a text editor page, and not in the visual.

To install a Google Maps Easy plugin via FTP, you must

Click to Download the Google Maps Easy plugin
Unarchive plugin
Copy the folder with google maps plugin
Open the ftp \wp-content\plugins\
Paste the plug-ins folder in the folder
Go to admin panel => open item “Plugins” => activate Google Maps Easy plugin you need

More Info: Create Your First Google Maps for WordPress


How to add map into site content?

You can add a map in the site content via shortcode or php code. Learn more here

How to install PRO version of plugin?

To install Google Maps by Supsystic PRO follow this instruction

How to zoom and center the initial map on markers?

There is a few different ways to zoom and centralize map.
The easiest one is to drag your map using mouse – “Draggable” option must be enabled, or with pan controller help in live preview. More Info

How to create linked markers map?

Open “Marker” tab in the map settings.
Add the number of markers you want.
Enable “Marker Link” option in the markers settings.
Paste link in the field under the option.
Enable option “Open in new window”, if you want to link was opened in a new window.
More about linked markers creation

More Info

FAQs section


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