Frequency Player – WordPress plugin Free download

Frequency Player


Frequency’s plugin works along side the Frequency platform.
If you don’t have an account yet you can sign up

Once you have signed up you can create your publication and follow the
instructions for adding our player to your WordPress site with this plugin.


Go to your pubication dashboard and follow the WordPress integration to get your API Key.
Paste your API Key into the Frequency Settings, under your settings page on your blog.
Preview your article and listen to your article after it has been processed.
Go to your pubication dashboard and view the analytics for your article.


Will this slow down my website?

No, Frequency loads through an iFrame that gets updated after your page has
loaded and will not significantly impact your load time. Our Javascript is 17kb.

Do I need to sign up on Frequency to use this plugin?

Yes you will need at least an API Key from a publication you own. You will also
need to add the correct domains to your publication.

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