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The WP Themes & Plugins Stats plugin automatically fetch theme and plugin stats ( name, active installs, 5-star ratings, etc. ) from the WordPress.org API and store it. These stats can be shown anywhere on the website using shortcodes.

Displaying real numbers build trust for visitors!

Let’s say you compared two WordPress themes along with some statistical parameters like – Active Installs, 5 Star Ratings, Total s, etc. As these values keep changing every day it was a manual work to copy & paste values from the WordPress.org repository. But not anymore!

The WP Themes & Plugins Stats plugin provides an easy and simple way to display stats with shortcodes. You just need to add shortcode once and the plugin will automatically update the values with WordPress.org API.

Display Stats Using Shortcodes

Different shortcodes are available to display the following counts – for both – Theme and Plugins from WordPress.org repository.

Theme/Plugin Name
Total Active Installs
Last Updated
Theme/Plugin Version
Theme/Plugin Ratings
5 Star Ratings
Average Ratings
Total s

Total Active Installation of All Themes/Plugins [For authors]
Total Count of All Themes/Plugins [For authors]

The plugin provides global settings under the “General ” tab. You can format the stat value/ number.

Set an interval to check and update stats values
As mentioned earlier stats keep changing every day. You can choose a number of days for updations. The plugin will fetch the latest stats after this interval and update values on the website automatically.

Choose the stat value format to make it easily readable
Usually, installation & download count is a big number. So it is quite hard to count and read the actual value. Simplifying this large number with notations make it more readable like – a number 1,000,000 can be displayed as 1M/1 Million or 1000K/ 1000 Thousand.
Moreover, you can select a format to group numbers, like – 1,000,000 (comma) or 1.000.000 (dot)

Set a date format as per convenience
WordPress default date formats are available for customizations.

Connect to theme/plugins with WordPress.org API

Choosing a theme/plugin to fetch stats from is very simple.

Visit theme/plugin on WordPress.org repository
Copy the slug
Add it in a shortcode

The plugin will fetch stats via slug.

How To Use This Plugin?

Once this plugin is installed, you can customize it under Settings > WP Themes & Plugins Stats.

Step 1: Under the General tab, manage the global stats number format. Set the required parameters, like update interval, count format, date format.
Step 2: From the shortcodes tab, choose and copy the required code.
Step 3: Paste it on a required page/post.
Step 4: Add a slug/author name for theme/plugin.

That’s it! Visit Post/Page to see results.

These shortcodes can be added in any page builder including, Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc.
You can use the shortcode multiple times on a page.

Version 1.0.0

Initial release


Global settings under the ‘General’ tab
Getting Started help under ‘Shortcodes’ tab
All available shortcodes are listed under ‘Shortcodes’ tab
List of shortcodes and their outputs for theme
List of shortcodes and their outputs for plugin

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