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Shortcoder admin page.
Editing a shortcode.
Popup to select and insert shortcode into posts.
A shortcode inserted into a post.
The shortcode executed in the post.


Extract the zipped file and upload the folder Shortcoder to to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
Go to the “Shortcoder” admin page. Admin page is under the “Settings” menu.
Enter a shortcode name.
Paste some code in it.
Then use the shortcode [sc name="name of the shortcode"] in your post. ex: If “youtube” is the shortcode name, then just use [sc name="youtube"] in your posts
That’s all !

You can also insert some parameters within the post. Check this page to learn more.


Please visit the Plugin homepage for lots of FAQ’s. Selected are given here.

I’ve created a shortcode, how to use it ?

For example, consider you made a shortcode “advertisement”. Then you should use the shortcode [sc name="advertisement"] in your post.

How to temporarily disable a shortcode ?

Just check the “Temporarily disable this shortcode” in the shortcode admin page to disable it.
Note: When you disable a shortcode, the shortcode will not be executed in the page.

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