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The RSFirewall! WordPress plugin is the optimal solution for securing your website, helping you stay one step ahead of malicious users that wish to harm your website. The plugin is backed by a team of professionals with a long history in website security that are up to date with the latest known vulnerabilities and security updates.


Free WordPress Firewall for your website
Active protections against local file and remote file inclusion attacks
SQL injection protections
ReCAPTCHA for registration, login and commenting forms
Filter uploaded files for possible malware and improper extensions
Active monitoring WordPress core files integrity
Active monitoring for your own files
XML-RPC blocking
REST API blocking with proper exceptions that you can define
Protect the wp-admin/ slug with an extra password
Change the wp-admin/ slug into a custom one
Disallow direct access to PHP files in (wp-content, wp-content/uploads, wp-includes) with proper exceptions that you can define
Receive email notifications on detected threats
Automatically block repeated offenders IP addresses
Perform a System check (WordPress and server configuration checks)
Disable the creation of new Administrator accounts


Two Factor Authentication
Country blocking
Convert email addresses to images
Protect forms from abusive IPs
File integrity check
Convert email addresses from plain text to images
More control over the system check
Whitelist blocked PHP files
Protect admin users from changes

3rd Party services

RSFirewall! will compare the MD5 hash of files with the original ones from the WordPress installation package. If differences are found (ie files have been modified) RSFirewall! upon request can download the original files from the GitHub synchronised repository of WordPress:

All connections are made with wp_remote_get and the following information will be sent along with the request:
– WordPress version
– WordPress user agent along with your WordPress website address
– Your server’s IP address


Upload the RSFirewall! plugin to your blog and activate it. Out of the box protection is supplied upon activation but it’s always wise to check out the Configuration area to view all options available and perform a System Check to ensure your website’s integrity.

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