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SMTP Mailer


SMTP Mailer plugin allows you to configure a mail server which handles all outgoing email from your website. It takes control of the wp_mail function and use SMTP instead.


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SMTP Mailer Settings

SMTP Host: Your outgoing mail server (e.g.
SMTP Authentication: Whether to use SMTP authentication when sending an email (True/False). If you choose to authenticate you will also need to provide your username and password.
SMTP Username: The username to connect to your SMTP server.
SMTP Password: The password to connect to your SMTP server.
Type of Encryption: The encryption to be used when sending an email (TLS/SSL/No Encryption. TLS is recommended).
SMTP Port: The port to be used when sending an email (587/465/25). If you choose TLS the port should be set to 587. For SSL use port 465 instead.
From Email Address: The email address to be used as the From Address when sending an email.
From Name: The name to be used as the From Name when sending an email.

SMTP Mailer Test Email

Once you have configured the settings you can send a test email to check the functionality of the plugin.

To: Email address of the recipient.
Subject: Subject of the email.
Message: Email body.

Known Compatibility

SMTP Mailer should work with any plugin that uses the WordPress Mail function. However, It has been tested with the following form and contact form plugins:

Contact Form 7
Jetpack Contact Form
Visual Form Builder
Fast Secure Contact Form
Formidable Forms
Contact Form by BestWebSoft

For detailed setup instructions please visit the SMTP Mailer plugin page.


SMTP Mailer Settings
SMTP Mailer Test Email Tab


Go to the Add New plugins screen in your WordPress Dashboard
Click the upload tab
Browse for the plugin file ( on your computer
Click “Install Now” and then hit the activate button


Can I send email via SMTP from my website using this plugin?



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