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Conditional Popup creator


Conditional Popup creator Is very easy to use , Just install and You can see a new option that called “Popup Creator” .Just click and you can see many option in the plugin
1. you can activate / deactivate Any popup .
2. You can set many popup base on delay option .
3. You can set different Popup for different page
5. Popup will show after visit the page , or you can set when user can live the page , that time you can Show a popup and give the users a specific offer
6. Set popup after Some time delay .
7. You can hide popup Image
8. You can use any shortcode that show in popup. like ( contact form ) others others ,
9. you can design the popup your own style .

Here is github YOu Can create issue:


you can design the popup your own style


like others plugin installation . just download and unzip the file and upload the plugins directory


Can I suggest For new feature ?
Ans : Yes you can .

How many popups can I create?
Ans: You can create as many popups as you want, there is no limit either .

Can I insert a shortcode into the popup?
Ans: Yes, you can insert any shortcode into the content of popup

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