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Wt Smooth Scroll


Activate the plugin for smooth scrolling and smooth “back to top” feature.


This plugin makes your anchor links to scroll smooth and adds a scroll to high button within the lower-right corner of long pages. The scroll to high button seems when some scrolling and hides mechanically reaching top. This plugin relies on cudazi’s plugin “Scroll to Top”, and you’ll use this plugin if you would like “Scroll to top” feature.

options include:

smooth Scroll for all anchor links.
A back to high button on hand facet.
Support RTL
No extra menu item in WordPress Dashboard.
straightforward customization with some css/js code edit.
All CSS and JS files are compressed to attain high in Google Page Speed score.
currently modification easing impact with the assistance of jQueruyUI

necessary Links:

Github Repo

NOTE: The plugin may not be compatible with another plugins. If there are restricted variety of tabs or anchor links we have a tendency to might exclude them manually. Please report compatibility issue on the GitHub repository. you’re welcome to contribute towards the event of the plugin.



transfer the plugin in Plugins > Add New or FTP into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
Visit an extended page and begin scrolling right down to see the link seem.

commonly asked Questi

Why i’m not capable to search out any menu link in my WordPress Dashboard?

Because there’s none. All you have got to put in and activate the plugin. However, There can be some compatibility problems particularly with a slider or tab. Please consult USA for facilitate.

Why the plugin isn’t operating for me?

This plugin may not be compatible along with your theme or another plugin. they’re principally tabs, sliders. Shoot a support request thus I may facilitate additional.

i’m trying to find PSD file.

The PSD file might be found within the plugin directory.

am i able to use a custom icon?

Yes, simply write the rocket.png image or use the enclosed.

am i able to modify the purpose once the icon/link appears?

Yes, simply edit the upperLimit worth in js/jss-script.min.js.

Why everything appearance weird in js and css files?

Because these files are compressed. I actually have enclosed reader friendly files i.e. js/jss-script.min.js and css/jss-style.js

Note: This plugin relies on “WT scroll to top”.

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