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Group Chat for BuddyPress


This plugin is used for BuddyPress to add Tinychat video chat to Groups, so add and to your whitelist,
This uses the Tinychat video chat using HTML5 WebRTC so this can be used on nearly all devices,
Once the plugin is installed, simply create a new group or choose an existing one, Selct ‘manage then ‘ and enable, The chat allows users to display their camera/audio,
YouTube is also enabled on this, Camera/audio is 16 per room and normal chatters can be upto 100+,
Please read the privacy policies for both companies which are available below, This plugin uses iframe to display the chat room directly from,
I recommend using the Firefox browser as there is an issue with Googles Chrome browser


The room name is now:

Social Sites

Developer Website –

GitHub –

WordPress –

Special thanks to Tinychat –

Privacy Policy for Ruddernation Designs –

Privacy Policy for Tinychat –


Select ‘Manage’ on your group.

Click ‘Group Chat’ and then click ‘Enable Group Chat’ and save.

Now click on ‘Group Chat’ and the chat will start to load.

This is how the chat displays after it’s loaded.


Upload the plugin to your plugins folder then activate,
Create a new group and click enable group chat or go to an already created group and enable group chat in the admin area.


Q. Can I use this if I’m not logged in?

A. No, You have to be logged in and you have to be a member of the group.

Q. What kind of chat is this?

A. The chat is running in HTML5 using WebRTC, so this will work on your computer without the need for flash player anymore.

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