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Pixel Cat – Facebook Pixel (Formerly "Facebook Conversion Pixel")


Facebook Pixel For WordPress Made Easy

Facebook Pixel – Pixel Cat (formerly known as “Facebook Conversion Pixel”) lets you add a Facebook Pixel to your site in a matter of minutes.
From Facebook Retargeting to conversion tracking, this free plugin makes setting up your Facebook Pixel a breeze.

Run Better Facebook Ad Campaigns

Using Pixel Cat, you can track Facebook Conversions and build powerful retargeting audiences.

Track Facebook Conversions

Send conversion events (including the exact amount and currency) to Facebook, so you can track, improve and automatically optimize your ad campaigns.

Build Powerful Retargeting Audiences

Pixel Cat lets you send granular events (blog posts read, products viewed, …) to Facebook, so you can build insanely effective retargeting audiences.

Upgrading from the Old Facebook Conversion pixel?

This plugin used to be called Facebook Conversion Pixel and was updated to work with the new Facebook Pixel. Facebook has deprecated the old Facebook Conversion Pixel in favor of the new pixel, so we highly recommend migrating.
Wondering how to migrate from the old Facebook Conversion Pixel to the new Facebook Pixel? Read this blog post:
How to Migrate to the new Facebook Pixel

How Pixel Cat helps you run better ads

Our Facebook Pixel manager – Pixel Cat – comes with everything you need to run successful Facebook ads. This plugin lets you easily add the new Facebook Pixel to your WordPress site with ease, so you can track conversions and create retargeting audiences.

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Create Standard Events. Standard Events let you track conversions, optimize your ads and build retargeting audiences. Pixel Cat’s point & click builder makes the cumbersome process of setting up Standard Events easy.
Customize Pixel Event Parameters, so you can track ad ROI. Customize your Facebook Pixel event parameters (eg. price, currency, …) on with our easy interface.
Segment Visitors
I compared this plugin to others offering the same/similar capabilities with the paid upgrade features & pricing also taken into account. This plugin is the best one I found.

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