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The Events Calendar


Create an events calendar and manage it with ease. The Events Calendar plugin provides professional-level quality and features backed by a team you can trust.

Packed with loads of useful features, The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe is ready to go right out of the box. It’s extensible, easy to use, and completely customizable.

Just getting started? Read through the New User Primer to get set up.

Looking for additional functionality including recurring events, ticket sales, publicly submitted events, automatic imports, and more?

Check out Events Calendar PRO and other add-ons

New Import Tool!
We’ve made bulk event imports easier to manage than ever. This add-on service for The Events Calendar allows you to import events from your favorite sources, including Meetup, Google Calendar, iCalendar, CSV, ICS and Other URLs (beta).
Check out Event Aggregator now.

Built solid & supported

The Events Calendar is crafted the WordPress way with hours of strategy, design, development, and testing going into each release. We stand behind our work and offer light support weekly for the community via the support forums.

If you need a deeper level of support or a faster response to your specific question, our Events Calendar PRO add-on includes access to our premium support forums with a 24-48 hour response time during the workweek.

Enjoy using The Events Calendar, know how to customize it, and want to make money helping people? We’re growing our community team and would love to hear from you. If you’re interested, check this out!

Plug-n-play & highly customizable

The Events Calendar is built to work out of the box. Just turn it on, configure the settings to match your needs and you’ll be making events in less than 5 minutes.


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