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Social Media Widget


The Social Media Widget is a simple sidebar widget that allows users to input their social media website profile URLs and other subscription options to show an icon on the sidebar to that social media site and more that open up in a separate browser window.


Supports the following social media sites:

Picasa Web Albums
Google Talk
Digital Tunes
Better Business Bureau
Merchant Circle
E-mail (mailto: or a link to mailing list service)
Plus create 6 of your own using a URL to an icon and URL to the service

Select from the following icon sizes:


Select from 4 icon packages:

Web 2.0 (Default) – Icons from various artists
Sketch – Social Icons Hand Drawn by TheG-Force and Handycons by Janko At Warp Speed
Heart – Heart v2 by The Design Superhero
Cutout – Icontexto Inside Icons
Custom – These will be unaltered via updates. Make sure you follow the same naming scheme as the other icons (facebook.png, twitter.png). You can look at the other icon packs if you are unsure about the naming. See the FAQ for more information on usage.
Note that some of the icons in the packs were created and added for this widget by myself. Not all of the requested social media sites were included so I attempted to create icons that mimicked the original artist icons. These are unattributed to myself. I keep attribution to the original artists since it is there design I modified.
All icons in this pack are licensed under the Creative Commons license. Note that some of these are non-commercial only. Please go to the sites linked above to get full information on their allowed uses.

Choose from multiple animations including:

Fade In (you can choose the starting opacity too!)
Scale (zoom in)
Combo (All three)
Note: Because these are all CSS3 style animations, IE6-7 aren’t supported at all, although IE8 will support Scale. In IE6-8, icons will not be animated and use 100% opacity.

Create your own image alt/title tags for hover-over text (i.e. Follow Us On {service})

Choose whether or not to use the rel=”nofollow” tag in your links. (Recommended see

Choose whether or not to open links in a new tab (or browser window).

Align your widget left, center, or right.

Arrange the order of the icons however you like.

Choose to the number of icons per row. Currently you can have one icon per row or auto (maximum # based on the width of the container the widget is placed in).

If you like this plugin, please rate it and click “Works” for your WordPress version!


Please add a post on the support forums with the plugin tagged.


Web 2.0 icon pack
Cutout icon pack
Heart icon pack
Sketch icon pack
Widget control panel with all sections collapsed
Widget control panel with General Settings expanded
Widget control panel with Social Networking service section expanded


Follow the steps below to install the plugin.

Upload the social-media-widget folder and all contents to /wp-content/plugins
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Go to Appearance->Widgets and activate the widget (Social Widget), set options and click save


How can I include Localization?

The easiest way to include translating the Social Media widget is to install the qTranslate Plugin then using the following (example) code in the “Widget Title” and “Image Caption” text fields:

<!--:nl-->Volg ons<!--:--><!--:en-->Follow us<!--:--><!--:fr-->Suivre nous<!--:-->

Use the README.txt for that plugin for more usage.

How can I use my own custom icon pack?

Create a folder on the filesystem that is publicly accessible via the interwebs. I suggest putting it in your wp-content folder and name it ‘icons’
1.1. Your icons MUST be named the same as mine (facebook.png, twitter.png, pinterest.png, etc…) for this functionality to work! Navigate to the social-media-widget directory and view the files if you’re not sure how they’re named.
Upload your icons into that folder. It’ll probably be a good idea if they are all the same size.
Go to the Widget Control Panel (Admin -> Appearance -> Widgets)
Select “Custom Icons” as the Icon Pack
Enter the URL to the icon pack folder (
Enter the FULL PATH to the icon pack folder (/var/www/html/yoursite/blog/wp-content/icons)
Click Save
Check out your site.

Your custom icon pack should be there and should be safe from upgrades.

NOTE: IN ORDER FOR IT TO BE SAFE FROM UPGRADES, DO NOT UPLOAD THE ICONS INTO THE SOCIAL-MEDIA-WIDGET FOLDER! During upgrades, this folder is completely deleted, thus, you lose all of the icons.

You can also upload the icons individually through WordPress. These will be uploaded to your /wp-content/uploads/year/month/ folder by default. Use this as a starting point for your custom icon pack URL and Path

If you don’t understand what it means to create a folder and upload to that folder on the filesystem, or if you don’t know what a path to a folder is, I would suggest sticking with one of the four default icon packs.

Can you add [insert social media service] support

Yes I can. Please leave a comment in the forums tagging my plugin.

Why aren’t the animations working in Internet Explorer 6+

The only animation supported by Internet Explorer is Scale, and that only works reliably with Internet Explorer 8. Scale is also included in Combo. No other animations will work. This is because I do not want to use Javascript to animate my icons. All of these animations are using CSS3 styles. The animations work the best with Webkit based browsers such as Chrome and Safari, or Firefox 4. Firefox 3.x is fully supported, without CSS3 transition animations.

Why aren’t my icons aligning?

Check your style.css file. I’m sure you have something in there that is forcing alignment of your widgets. You’ll have to modify that. If you don’t know how to do CSS… Learn.

I can’t find my {insert social media service} profile link! What is it?

While I attempt to provide you with the most logical guide to start with as default values in the control panel (e.g. where you just replace yourname), not all of these services follow the same profile links that I provided. In some cases, you need to customize your “public link” such as in Yelp, and LinkedIn to use the default urls that I provide. If you don’t know your public profile, I will have a very hard time figuring it out for you. The easiest way to figure it out is to log in to your social media site, and find a button that says, “View Profile.” This is more often than not the profile URL you should input. This is the method I used in adding the default URLs. Also note that I don’t use all of these social media sites. I just created accounts quickly to find a likely default URL. They could be wrong.

Getting your iTunes Ping account information is slightly more difficult. You need to load up your Ping profile within iTunes then right click on your name and select “Copy Link.” Input this into the iTunes Ping option in the Social Media Widget. When the user clicks it, it will prompt the user to open up iTunes. This will then take them directly to your iTunes Ping account in iTunes.

The icons aren’t showing up – They are just showing the alt text!

There is probably a compatibility issue with another plugin. These things happen. Because there are thousands of plugins from thousands of developers, all who develop in completely different ways, there are going to be issues that arise from time-to-time. These are more prevalent, however, from plugins that make system-wide changes (such as SEO Packs). Try disabling, one at a time, the other plugins until you find that one that is breaking my widget. Then e-mail me and tell me which plugin it was. I will then try to fix it. Unless I know what plugin is breaking it, I won’t be able to fix it, ya see? There have also been issues with moved wp-content folders or custom WP_CONTENT_URL’s that caused the images to break. This issue has been resolved since 2.3.

Something else isn’t right!

First – calm down. I’m happy to help you, and, if you ask those I’ve helped already, I don’t mind providing individual service to people to get my widget working and looking right with your theme. If your theme is especially jacked up, I do do freelance work and would be happy to fix your entire theme for a fee. But back to the point, if something isn’t working quite right on your site, INCLUDE A LINK. I can’t help you with your site unless there is a link so I can see what’s going on. Make sure my widget is enabled too. It gets old getting asked, “Why doesn’t it look right on my site” and then finding that the comment-leaver left no link and if they did, my widget isn’t even enabled on their site anymore.


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