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Zenbookin Scheduling


Embed online appointment scheduling from Zenbookin Scheduling directly into your site.

Zenbookin is online appointment booking/scheduling software. This WordPress plugin allows the registered business user/ service provider of Zenbookin (https://zenbookin.net/business/) to implant scheduling directly to business user’s official website.

For implanting the scheduling site, need to use the (Scheduling) Short tag on any page with the option described in below section.

This creates the [scheduling] tag to implant Zenbookin into the page.
[scheduling site=”https://subdomain.zenbookin.net/scheduling/schedule.php”]

site: Business user scheduling site (required)
width: default to 100% (optional)
height: default to 600px (optional)
border: default to 0 (optional)

Instead of using visual in adding tag, recommend to use text mode to prevent other formatting of the URL being accidentally added.


Initial release

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