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PHP Version Plus


If you don’t have access to the PHP.ini file of the WordPress site’s host/server you are working with, PHP Version Plus will help you view some of the essential PHP configurations that you might needed for troubleshooting, debugging, and development.


Displays PHP version your host/server is running
Displays some essential PHP.ini file’s configuration settings
Displays media file upload size limit of your WordPress installation


Just install and activate PHP Version Plus plugin and you can already see the information on the WordPress Dashboard under “PHP Version Plus” widget.


Display the running PHP version together with other useful PHP configuration information in the admin dashboard under “PHP Version Plus” widget.


From your WordPress dashboard

Visit Plugins > Add New
Search for “PHP Version Plus”
Activate PHP Version Plus from your Plugins page


Where to setup plugin after installation? There is no settings menu for this plugin. You can already see the PHP configuration settings on your WordPress Dashboard.
I can’t see the information I need Not all information are displayed. If you need it, please contact us and we might include it on our next update.
Can I move the “PHP Version Plus” widget on top? Yes, just drag and drop it on the location/position you want.

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