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WooCommerce Checkout Manager


WooCommerce Checkout Manager allows you to customise and manage the fields on your WooCommerce Checkout page. Re-order, rename, hide and extend Checkout fields within the Billing, Shipping and Additional sections.

Notice: There has been a change of Plugin ownership on 11/03/2016, please see the Change of Plugin ownership section below for more information.


Add new fields to the checkout page and re-order them.
Make checkout fields optional.
Remove & Make required fields.
Added fields will appear on Order Summary, Receipt and Back-end in Orders.
Enable/ Disable “Additional Fields” section name on the Order Summary and Receipt.
Fifteen ( 15 ) fields types included: Text Input, Text Area, Password, Radio Button, Check Box, Select Options, Date Picker, Time Picker, Color Picker, Heading, Multi-Select, Multi-Checkbox, Country, State, File Picker.
Compatible with WPML, WooCommerce Print Invoice & Delivery Note, Store Exporter Deluxe, WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export.
Show or Hide fields for different User Roles.
Upload files on Checkout Page.
Sort Orders by Field Name.
Export Orders by Field Name.
Add new fields to the Billing and Shipping sections separately from Additional fields.
These fields can be edited on your customers account page.
Create Conditional Fields.
Create fields to remove tax.
Create fields to add additional amount.
Replace Text using Text/ Html Swapper.
Allow Customers to Upload files for each order on order details page.
Show or Hide added field for Specific Product or Category Only.
Display Payment Method and Shipping Method used by customer.
Disable any added field from Checkout details page and Order Receipt.
Retain fields information for customers when they navigate back and forth from checkout.
Disable Billing Address fields for chosen shipping goods. Which makes them visible only for virtual goods.
DatePicker: Change the default format (dd-mm-yy), Set Minimum Date and Maximum Date, Disable days in the week (Sun – Sat).
TimePicker: Includes restriction of both start and end hours, set the minutes interval and manually input labels.
Area to insert your own Custom CSS.
Display Order Time.
Set Default State for checkout.
Import/ Export added fields data.
Fields label can accept html characters.
Re-position the added fields: Before Shipping Form, After Shipping Form, Before Billing Form, After Billing Form or After Order Notes
Insert Notice: Before Customer Address Fields and Before Order Summary on checkout page.

Change of Plugin ownership

11/03/2016 marks a change of ownership of WooCommerce Checkout Manager from Emark to visser who will be responsible for resolving critical Plugin issues and ensuring the Plugin meets WordPress security and coding standards in the form of regular Plugin updates.


Customise or add additional fields to your Checkout screen.

New Checkout fields appear in the Order Summary.

New Checkout fields also appear in the Order Receipt e-mail sent to the customer.

Text fields, Description blocks, Dropdowns, Radio lists, Date & Time Pickers, etc.

Add Date and Time fields to the Checkout.

Let you customer fill in forms using dropdown lists at Checkout.

Customize Checkout fields from the WooCheckout menu item in the WordPress Administration.


Minimum Requirements

WooCommerce 2.2 +
WordPress 3.8 or greater
PHP 5.2.4 or greater
MySQL 5.0 or greater

Automatic Plugin installation

Login to your WordPress Administration
Navigate to the Plugins screen and click Add New
Within the Search Plugins text field enter ‘WooCommerce Checkout Manager’ and press Enter
Click the Install Now button

Manual Plugin installation

The manual installation method involves downloading the Plugin and uploading it to your web server via an FTP application. The WordPress Codex contains instructions on how to do this.


Automatic updates are delivered just like any other WordPress Plugin.


How do I add conditional Checkout fields?

Read through the Adding Conditional Checkout fields walkthrough on our website.

[Insert feature] is not working within WooCommerce Checkout Manager

First de-activate and re-activate the WooCommerce Checkout Manager from the Plugins screen within the WordPress Administration. This triggers the Plugin installation script to be run and often resolves issues when updating from a legacy release of WooCommerce Checkout Manager (e.g. <4.0).

If your issue persists visit the WooCommerce Checkout Manager > Support section. This is the place to comment on existing topics and raise new support topics.

Why can’t I do [insert feature] within WooCommerce Checkout Manager?

Visit the WooCommerce Checkout Manager > Ideas/Feature requests Trello board or open a new topic on the WooCommerce Checkout Manager > Support section.

How to fix fields that are not showing on checkout page properly?

Usually this is an CSS issue. If your theme comes with the option to input your very own custom CSS, you can use the abbreviation field name as part of the CSS code to set the fields in the way that you want.

Example :
#myfield1_field {
float: right;

How do I review the Order data from the custom fields?

Your Order data can be reviewed in each Order within the default WooCommerce Order Data box of the WooCommerce > Edit Order screen within the WordPress Administration. Custom fields are separated by Billing, Shipping and Additional sections.

How do you access saved data to be used with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips?

The above plugin requests that you code the fields in the template. To access the saved data, use the abbreviation name of the field. As we are using the first abbreviation field as an example. Where “myfield1” is the abbreviation name, and “My custom field:” is the label.

custom_field(‘myfield1’, ‘My custom field:’); ?>


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