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Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome Field


Add a Font Awesome icon field type to Advanced Custom Fields.

Optionally set a default icon
Specify which FontAwesome icon sets to use (Solid, Regular, Light, Brands) (Applies to FontAwesome v5)
Create your own custom filtered list of FontAwesome icons to use with your fields. Use different custom icon sets with different fields
Returns Icon Element, Icon Class, Icon Unicode, or an Object including the element, class, and unicode value
Optionally enqueues Font Awesome in footer where needed (when a FontAwesome field is being used on the page)
Integrates with jsDelivr to automatically load the latest version of Font Awesome

Note: It is recommended to let this plugin enqueue the latest version of Font Awesome on your front-end; or include the latest version by some other means; so that available icons in the admin area will be displayed properly on your sites front-end.


This ACF field type is compatible with:
* ACF 5.7+
* FontAwesome 4.x and 5.x fonts

Optional Configuration


ACFFA_always_enqueue_fa: Return true to always enqueue FontAwesome on the frontend, even if no ACF FontAwesome fields are in use on the page. This will enqueue FontAwesome in the header instead of the footer.
ACFFA_admin_enqueue_fa: Return false to stop enqueueing FontAwesome in the admin area. Useful if you already have FontAwesome enqueued by some other means.
ACFFA_get_icons: Filter the array of icons and icon details loaded from the database
ACFFA_get_fa_url: Filter the URL used for enqueuing FontAwesome in the frontend and admin areas of the site.
ACFFA_override_major_version: Filter to manually set the ‘major’ version of FontAwesome to load (accepts either 4, or 5). NOTE: This filter must be registered before any calls to ACF get_field() function are made.


Set a default icon, and choose how you want icon data to be returned.
Searchable list of all icons, including large live preview


Copy the advanced-custom-fields-font-awesome folder into your wp-content/plugins folder
Activate the Font Awesome plugin via the plugins admin page
Create a new field via ACF and select the Font Awesome type


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